Virgin River season 5 release: When could season 5 arrive on Netflix?

The new season of Virgin River might have only just arrived on Netflix on July 20, but fans are already looking ahead to what’s next

 with questions arising regarding the possible release date for Virgin River season 5. And we honestly can’t blame them.

Without giving away any spoilers, let’s just say that Virgin River season 4 ended with a batch of shocking cliffhangers that are sure to keep us talking for the next several months ahead.

We can’t say we’re surprised as this show has a history of leaving us on the edge of our seats with its season-ending cliffhangers.

The good news is that another season is officially in the works, as Virgin River season 5 has already entered production. 

The bad news is that we’re in for another lengthy wait for the next season, but we do have a pretty good idea of when exactly the next season could be arriving on Netflix!

Barring any scheduling shakeups, it’s looking highly likely that the fifth season of Virgin River will release on Netflix sometime in July 2023. 

In fact, we’d be shocked if season 5 did not arrive in July 2023 as it’s by far the most likely release date window for the show’s next season.

While the first two seasons of Virgin River debuted in November, Netflix moved the show to its summer programming slate in 2021 where it enjoyed a nice boost in the ratings with the arrival of its third season.