US Strikes Back at Militants in Syria After Rocket Assaults

The US military said it lashed back at Iranian-backed forces in Syria after rockets were fired at two bases where Americans are stationed. 

Attack helicopters killed two or three people believed to have been involved in one of the rocket attacks and destroyed three vehicles along with equipment,

 the US Central Command said in a statement on Wednesday night. 

The operation unfolded after rockets struck Mission Support Site Conoco and near Mission Support Site Green Village, according to Centcom. 

 One American service member was treated for a minor injury and went back to duty. Two others were being evaluated for injuries.

The attacks and counterattack occurred a day after the US military carried out airstrikes in eastern Syria against groups tied to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Iran has been an ardent supporter of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad during the country’s civil war that began in 2011.

“The response was proportional and deliberate,” Centcom said in the Wednesday statement.