Torrential rains lash southern US as millions under flood warnings

Millions of Americans are under flood warnings after heavy rain this weekend in a large portion of the south and south-western US, where high waters submerged vehicles in Texas and swept hikers in Arizona off their feet.

Government meteorologists issued flood warnings for more than 13 million people after torrential rainfall created life-threatening conditions in a region including north-east Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico.

On Monday, rains across the drought-stricken Dallas-Fort Worth area caused streets to flood,

submerging vehicles as officials warned motorists to stay off the roads and water seeped into some homes and businesses.

“I was able to back up on a ramp to get off the highway,” Cassondra Anna Mae Stewart said to CNN of her experience. “I took an alternate route home … although most streets are flooded down there as well.”

Some parts of Dallas saw more that nearly 10 inches of rain within 24 hours, and hundreds of flights in and out of Dallas-Fort Worth international airport were delayed or cancelled.

“The Dallas-Fort Worth area was pretty much ground zero for the heaviest rain overnight,” said Daniel Huckaby, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Elsewhere, Arizona and New Mexico were also affected by flood warnings, with more than 10 million people under flood watches as of Saturday night, reports ABC News.