‘Survivor’ Season 42 Finale: The Tribe Has Spoken (RECAP)1

After 26 days and 13 episodes, Survivor Season 42 has found its winner. The Survivor Season 42 finale aired on Wednesday, May 25 on CBS starting at 8/7c. The finale itself was two hours long, immediately followed by the reunion.

Despite the shortened game, it’s been a long season. And the finale didn’t waste time throwing in some final twists and turns. Loyalties are tested, mental and physical exhaustion persists, and final strategies come to fruition. Here, we break down everything that happened in the Survivor Season 42 finale.  

After Tribal Council: Tree Mail Advantages The players are sent to a new beach after Omar’s elimination. Their few belongings are at this new camp, but they’re back to square one in terms of shelter and supplies. Lindsay and Jonathan immediately get into it, with Lindsay telling Jonathan she feels betrayed because he didn’t tell her to vote for Omar.

Meanwhile, Lindsay voted for Jonathan, and he calls her out for that. Lindsay is frustrated with how Jonathan speaks to her, but honestly, her argument about betrayal is thin. Sure, he didn’t tell her about Omar. But she voted for him. Who really betrayed the “alliance”?

Romeo crafts a lie to help get him into the Final Four, telling everyone he has an idol (he made a fake one). The next morning, the guys agree Lindsay needs to be voted out. Lindsay breaks down on the beach to Mike, who offers some comfort. And then comes the immunity challenge clue via tree mail.

“Another shot at immunity,” it says. “Final Four is just one vote away. If you want to increase your chances, the riddle shows you the way.” The players also get envelopes that say “final advantage clue.” That clue reads, “solve the phrase to find the advantage.

First you must unscramble the words, then decipher the phrase. You cannot search for the advantage until you have correctly solved and written down the entire phrase.” The phrase: “good fortune is tucked in the toes of the sleeping giant.” Lindsay figures it out first and runs off on her search.

Mike suggests the remaining four work together to figure out the scramble, and Maryanne “sandbags” the process because she wants Lindsay to find the idol and get to the Final Four. Lindsay searches for 40 minutes and finds it. It’s a “slight” advantage for the upcoming immunity challenge, and it “lights a fire” under butt. The name of her game now, as she describes it, is “savagery.”

Immunity Challenge: A Gladiator’s Arena In the challenge, the players must race through a series of large obstacles, collecting puzzle pieces along the way. The first to finish the massive circular puzzle wins immunity. There’s also a reward: pasta, garlic bread, cake, salad, and red wine.

Before the challenge begins, Jeff Probst explains Lindsay’s advantage. While everyone else has to untie six knots in the obstacle course, she only has to untie one. To begin, the players run over the net and make the round to their bags. Jonathan crosses the wobbling bridge first, followed by Lindsay. They have to do this multiple times until they have all of their bags.

Jonathan is “on fire” in the challenge yet again, but with puzzles involved, it’s anyone’s game. A poorly timed fall eats up some of Lindsay’s time and sours her advantage. But as always, the puzzle is the equalizer.