Steph Curry’s relatability factor through the roof after video drops of him shooting Connect 4 Hoops with wife Ayesha

We love our sports here in America. Especially the big three of football, basketball, and baseball. 

What we love even more are the superstar mega athletes that usually feel like bigger-than-life personalities. LeBron James, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers (Editor’s Note: Maybe not his conspiracy theories), Aaron Judge, and so on.

While all these players are viewed as all-time greats in their sport, they don’t always come off as the most relatable people. One NBA player who does and is a superstar to boot would be Stephen Curry, who just hosted the ESPYs.

He’s not the biggest and has never been the fastest or most athletic, but because of the way he dominates a game that rewards height, Curry is probably the most relatable superstar athlete of this generation.

Steph and the family were out recently celebrating Riley Curry’s 10th birthday and were captured playing Connect 4 Hoops

In the video, you can clearly see how much fun the Currys are having enjoying each other’s company, although it sounds like Steph may have taken the L. Another example of egoless Steph letting us behind the curtain of his personal life.

I’m not saying other pro athletes don’t go out and have fun with their families, but it looks and feels different with Curry.

 And that’s an extension of how different it looks when he’s on the court. Steph is doing things in the NBA that we haven’t seen too many small guards accomplish.