Squid Game Season 2 Release date, Teaser, Cast, Story, trailer date

A Netflix renewal for Squid Game season 2 was announced on Sunday. In addition to the news, Netflix also shared a preview for the upcoming second season of Squid Game. 

On June 12, the Motion Teaser and a poster were made available, along with a statement from the producers expressing their sincere gratitude.

The horrific premise of the first series left fans wanting more, but remarks from Lee Jung-Jae, who appeared in the program as Seong Gi-hun – the only survivor of the killer games – have hinted that the second season might be quite a ways off.

Squid Game Season 2 Lee reportedly informed some individuals that it seems Hwang Dong-hyuk is having trouble writing the script. 

“In all honesty, I was planning to inquire about it with director Hwang as well.” Nevertheless, Lee continues to be enthusiastic despite Hwang’s disclosure of the challenges he is facing in his roles as writer, director, producer, and inventor of Squid Game.

I’m waiting for director Hwang to give me the whole scenario. I’m excited about it.” The program’s renewal for a second season was revealed with a video and a message posted on social media

The video said that “a whole new round is coming,” The message also provided a look at Young-hee, the show’s colossal killer robot doll.

In addition, fans received a letter from Dong-hyuk in which they were given the first, if restricted, clues about what to anticipate from the following season.