Space Convicts NFTs: The Ultimate P2E Battle Between Apes and Punks

What if Apes and Punks were locked in the same prison? Space Convicts is a unique P2E experience exploring that very scenario – and you can join it too. You can pick your side, create a gang, and engage in prison riots, fights, and gambling all through NFTs! This revolutionary project will have its presale on March 15th, so let’s find all about it ASAP.

What is the Space Convicts NFT collection? At first glance, Space Convicts is a collection of 9,999 avatar-style NFTs. Each collectible is colorful, featuring a trendy pixelated design. However, there’s more to these NFTs than meets the eye!

In fact, the story of the Space Convicts NFTs begins in a distant future. In the year 2099, both Apes and Punks were arrested for laundering money! Now, the two rival gangs have to survive in prison amid riots and constant fights. Alternatively, each gang can choose to escape from prison and leave on a spaceship!

How does the game work? The Space Convicts game is your ultimate Play-to-Earn metaverse experience. To begin with, each collector must assemble virtual gangs of Ape and Punk NFTs. Players can manage their gangs and organize fights using the project’s Discord server.

From riots to insights and breakouts, all of these actions have the same purpose: earning $CIG. Basically, this is the native currency of the game. Players can utilize $CIG within the prison for many purposes as follows: – buying in-game assets such as weapons, rifles, saw blades, and more; – gambling on prisoner fights; – purchasing tools required to escape from prison.

What’s more, NFT holders can also use $CIG to vote for the future of Space Convicts. Of course, this amazing project has many exciting things planned for its community – so let’s find out more!

Project roadmap & founding team Firstly, we must note that the Space Convicts game mechanics are already live in the project’s Discord server! Unlike other P2E projects, this one already has its token functionality implemented too.

Of course, this is just the first step of this outstanding NFT-powered journey. In the future, the community will enjoy new NFT drops, in-game items, and exclusive traits available. Furthermore, those who collect the most $CIG will become prison kingpins! Then, the Space Convicts experience will expand well into the Metaverse – and everything starts with the NFTs.

Remeber: the NFTs presale price is 0.06 ETH, which is 25% off from the regular sale price. Thanks to the optimized smart contract tech, holders’ minting gas prices will be significantly lower too.

Therefore, if you want to embark on this amazing journey, lock in your whitelist spot for the March 15 presale at 6 p.m. UTC! Make sure to check out the Space Convicts website and Discord channel for more exclusive information. In addition, follow the project via Twitter and Instagram for reveals, giveaways, and more!