Mega Millions: when is the next draw, jackpot and where to buy tickets & More Latest News Here

The United States has a wide variety of lotteries and raffles, being Mega Millions one of the most popular in the country, 

since the jackpot reaches hundreds and even a billion dollars. We explain when the draws take place, what the current jackpot is and where to buy tickets.

The Mega Millions drawing is played in 45 United States entities, except for Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah.

 Also, this lottery can be played in the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islandswhich is US territory.

On the official Mega Millions website, in the section ‘where to play’ you can select the state you are in and the site will redirect you to that entity’s lottery page for more information.

 If you reside in any of those states, you can buy your ticket to participate. The cost of the ticket is $2.