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Top 12 Best Apps Refer and Earn Paytm Cash apk Download | Earn 200 Per Refer (2022)

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 Looking for a way to earn money using the app? I understand how hard it is to live. It takes patience and a lot of manual work. But today we bring you some of the best and most rewarding expeditions in India that will pay off in 2022.

When users download these apps or start inviting friends, not only can they earn a lot of money with Paytm, but they can also earn real money in their bank account. Many students will seek extra money for donations they may receive from a caregiver.

If you send 10 friends, you can earn 2000 rupees quickly. If you want more money before you go, you should read the information below carefully. Let’s get started and explore some of the best monetization apps in India.

Bank Sathi app

BankSathi’s BankSathi Advisors app aims to enhance the role of financial advisors in rewards when purchasing debit cards, loans, including insurance. Earn money by sending to others. When you send a friend, you will receive 10% of your friend’s earnings and you will receive 10% of your friend’s earnings for the rest of your life.


The BankSathi app allows you to access various services such as savings accounts, demat accounts, investment platforms, etc.

Approved services and earn 150-2000 rupees per day.

Get 10% of your friend’s income for life. Download the BankSathi App

test book app

Testbook is an e-learning website and application. In the Testbook app, you get advanced study materials to complete the basics of almost any free test. You can prepare for the real-time lecture-based exam by downloading the PDF course material to your mobile phone.

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You can prepare for almost all exams in the Testbook app.

Many tests have been set up temporarily in the Testbook application. You can review your test plan by participating in these tests.

Approve the testbook app and get 10% off when a friend uses your code.

Friends get a 10% discount using the invite policy.

Get 15% Instant Paytm cash back with all wine.

See more and get more.

5 Paisa App – Watch and Earn

5 paisa is one of the best online stock market investment apps for NSE, BSE and MCX. It is also a great reference and an application to earn money quickly. You can invest in stock trading with Upstock. It is a wonderful thing for you to dream of a secure future.

The brokerage fee is only 20 rupees. The cost is also lower than other brokerage firms.

5 features of the Pisa app

You can create a Demat account in less than 5 minutes.

Zero brokerage. Watch and make money

5 Download the Paisa app

OneCode – Unlimited Earnings with Featured Apps

OneCode app is one of the best apps to earn money permanently by referencing apps. Without any financial investment, anyone can earn easy money by submitting to OneCode app. This can be the best way to earn money as there is no limit to what you can earn with referrals to this service.

OneCode app features

OneCode offers a wide range of banking services such as savings, credit cards, Demat accounts, EMI cards, investment platforms, etc.

You can get up to 200-3000 rupees in cash by submitting your services. Download the OneCode app

Please send my number to OneCode ([email protected]) for additional referral money.

Groww App – Up to Rs 300 per referral

All direct investments can be made free of charge through a private investment plan (SIP) or budget. If you are now an entrepreneur, consider going straight to a joint venture plan to increase your return.

Groww is an easy Demat Plus stock trading platform that allows you to open a free Demat account as well as trade BSE and NSE listed items on the stock market with limited brokerage fees .

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Groww App Features

You can easily apply for all kinds of commercial products.

You can earn money by investing in mutual funds. Download the Groww app

Google Pay App – Get Rs 101 for Invite and Send Friend

Money can move in several ways. UPI is one of the most widely used exchange systems in India. You can easily transfer money from one bank account to another. Google Pay is one of the most popular UPI money transfer apps in India.

The fact that you can get a bank card for every 150 rupees transaction is one of the main reasons why we often choose to exchange money with Google Pay.

Google Pay app features

Every business makes more money. Earn money for completing tasks.

You will receive a bank card for each transaction.

Download the Google Pay app

Pocket money – Get Rs 160 per use

Another great app where you can pay $160 for each referral and get money in multiple ways.

It’s not just an app. However, you can save money by using coupons on your wallet to receive special offers and discounts on e-commerce, food, and travel. Pocket Money App Features

You can accomplish many tasks on your phone.

You can earn money by watching movies.

You have to play differently.

You have to participate in competitions every day.

Meesho – Up to 30,000 reports and revenue

Meesho is the most popular sales app in India. You can earn money by referring people and selling here. You can earn money here by selling and sending to others.

This article is about “Best delivery and earning app in India”. Therefore, it is important to talk about selling Meesho. Meesho referral is divided into four categories: When a friend signs up for the Meesho app through your referral, you will receive 25% off your referral for the next 12 months. Meesho app features

Earn money by completing the chain daily.

You could earn up to $25,000 by selling your property to others.

PhonePe – View and Get Rs 100

PhonePe is a famous app in India, and you know it, so I don’t think I should explain it.


PhonePe is similar to the UPI app that you can use to send money to and from friends, stores, or start shopping online.

Ponpe app features

Receive daily cashbacks and freebies. You can buy and sell gold.

Watch and make money

Download the Ponpe app

App Shop 101 – Watch and Earn

The Shop101 Referral & Earn program is designed to reward the best customers by helping more people across the country start their own business with Shop101.

Shop101 performs strict inspections to ensure the use of non-invasive services to ensure a high level of service. Our system is configured to reject recommendations that violate community information and mislead us.

Shop 101 app features

You earn money by selling your products. You can get up to 100 rupees when registering.

Download the Shop101 app

Watch movies and financial apps – watch and earn

The app rewards users for doing things like watching movies, receiving daily bonuses, and reviews.

But the app is the best sending and receiving app to earn money by sending friends.

You can use Paytm or PhonePe app to earn coins and use them.

Watch videos and financial app features

Play Lucky Spins for daily prizes.

To receive payment, you must watch the movie daily. You can get bonuses every day.

Download the WVEM ap

Uptox app sends and earns Rs 450 per person

If you watch the video regularly, you might have seen the Uptox broadcast, just like in videos from popular YouTube video bloggers. It is a money sharing app. We can invest in stocks, joint ventures and even digital gold through this application.

You can also earn money by referring friends and relatives to this app. When you post an Upstox transfer or transfer number, 300 rupees will be deposited in your wallet. You can withdraw this money to your bank account at any time.

Learn more about the Uptox app

Upstock App Features

You can open an account through paperless accounting.

Invest in non-brokerage products.

Download the Upstocks app

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