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RCH NHM Gov in Data Entry (2022)– National Health Mission

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 RCH NHM Gov in Data Entry: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has released an progressive web-primarily based totally utility referred to as Mother & Child Tracking System (MCTS) with the subsequent dreams in mind:

(i) Facilitate shipping inclusive of all offerings for pregnant moms and kids in a well timed manner.

(ii) Strengthen the shipping device for fitness care offerings.

(iii) Enhance carrier shipping footprint.

(iv) Mechanisms for tracking in any respect levels.

MCTS has been deployed nationwide, and at present, all States/UTs are regularly reporting at the MCTS webweb page.

Due to the converting facts desires of National Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) programmers, the Department has designed an RCH portal thru which Eligible Couples, Pregnant Women, and Children could be monitored for the shipping of fitness care offerings to them. The RCH portal could byskip through the MCTS gateway in phases.

The RCH webweb page will fortify the fitness care shipping device, growth carrier coverage, and beautify the tracking mechanism. Utilizing this records for early detection and remedy of fundamental headaches encountered throughout being pregnant, childbirth, and the postpartum duration at the floor will useful resource withinside the discount of maternal, neonatal, and toddler better mortality and make a contribution to the success of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5.

RCH Portal Data Entry Quick Links

  • RCH Portal Data Entry Cumulative progress 
  • Eligible Couple (EC) Registered 23,36,26,712
  • Pregnant Women (PW) Registered 21,64,25,674
  • Children Registered 18,70,40,905
  • RCH NHM Gov in Data Entry

Beneficiary Identification is the primary step.

• The records collected through family surveys and ordinary identity have to be protected into the included Reproductive Child Health (RCH) registry model 1.1.

• These facts have to then be despatched to the facts access factor for enter into the RCH portal.

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Beneficiary Registration Procedure is the second one step.

• Following identity.

• The ANM will right away file each beneficiary in model 1.1 of her included RCH registry.

• These beneficiaries will consist of people recognized thru family surveys, thru common identity via way of means of the ASHA among family surveys, and any new beneficiaries offering themselves at once on the Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND) webweb page.

• The ANM will now no longer deliver the recipient with an identity wide variety.

• After being recorded withinside the check in, those info could be forwarded to the Data Entry Operator’s (DoE) RCH portal. Once enter, the RCH portal will produce a completely unique identifier for every recipient, that allows you to then be recorded withinside the RCH check in.

Step 3: Recording Instrument: Version 1.1 of the Integrated RCH check in.

The ANM have to make use of the Integrated RCH check in for check in beneficiaries and replace the offerings added to every one. The countrywide RCH webweb page is changed primarily based totally at the variables protected on this registry. States using a kingdom-particular name-primarily based totally monitoring device have to make an appropriate changes to their portal according with the necessities of this check in and the countrywide stage RCH webweb page. There is a awesome registry for every village, therefore if the ANM is answerable for 5 villages, she can be able to create 5 specific statistics.

A kingdom might also additionally, if required, consist of kingdom-particular variables into the kingdom webweb page, however all countrywide-stage signs need to be protected.

Village-particular info (Profile Entry).

• (Section 1): Monitoring of Eligible Couples and contraceptive utilization.

• (Section 2): Pregnant Women Tracking

• (Section 3): Child Monitoring.

• (Section 4): Annexures.

Ready Reckoner Calendar for Estimating Due Date (EDD) from Last Menstrual Period (LMP).

National Immunization Schedule for Children, Pregnant Women, and Infants

Documentation of every vaccination session (Sample precis tables for ANM for month-to-month reporting).


Duties of a RCH facts access operator.

• Ensure well timed receipt of facts from all ANMs.

• Ensure well timed facts enter into the RCH portal for all enrolled beneficiaries in model 1.1 of the included RCH check in.

• Ensure that the device has produced specific identifiers for all beneficiaries and distribute the ensuing listing to ANMs.

• Provide ANMs with remarks on records this is missing, confusing, or illegible.

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Login to the RCH Data Entry System.

Reproductive & Child Health’s URL is http://rch.nhm.gov.in. The RCH utility’s important display seems as follows:

Select “Data Entry”

The show seems as follows:

Before starting facts getting into, the consumer need to configure the facts access hierarchy via way of means of clicking the ‘Set’ button.

After configuring the facts access hierarchy, the primary menu opens. The fundamental menu seems as follows:

Home, Data Entry, and Content add can be accessed thru the Main Menu’s Menu Bar.

Verification, Administration, Entry Master, and Logout.

Additionally, there’s a seek bar on the pinnacle of the web page that can be used for a fast seek/Update. If Eligible Couple/Pregnant Woman/Child ID is provided, continue at once to the facts access display with out getting into place records:

RCH Portal Data Entry

Select the Data Entry tab from the Main Menu.

Clicking upon this Data Entry choice of the Main Menu will convey you the subsequent display:

How do I choose the Data Entry Type?

• Population Growth (This is the primary required step for brand new village registration at the RCH Portal for Data Entry.)

• Eligible Couples

• If a woman’s being pregnant popularity is verified (Registered Eligible Couple), the segment will right away extrade to pregnant ladies.

• Pregnant Women • Entry for Children

• Entry for Health Providers/ASHA • Direct Data Entry

Population Data Entry

The Population Entry shape will include records at the anticipated wide variety of ECs, pregnant ladies, and infants, in addition to the Health Provider’s records, and could be recorded for the contemporary monetary yr only.

For Population Entry, the subsequent fields are required:

  • Population of the Town.
  • Total wide variety of couples who qualify.
  • Annual Estimated Number of Pregnant Women.
  • Estimated Number of Infants Born Each Year

Complete the shape, click on Save, and a affirmation message will show; then click on OK.

Monitoring & Tracking pregnant ladies:

After saving the file in EC Registration, the web page is routed to Tracking of Eligible Couples (EC) and Usage of Contraceptives (EC-2) in Section-I (Index).

If the consumer choices the ‘Positive’ being pregnant check choice and clicks the ‘Save’ button, a following display will show; click on OK. You might also additionally view statistics at the lowest of the table. After saving the statistics and clicking the “Continue” button, the internet site will robotically extrade to the Tracking of Pregnant Women, General Information (PG-1) web page.

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Pregnant Women Registration Data Entry Requirements

For Pregnant Women Registration, the subsequent records is required (*).

Serial No. of RCH (As according to Register).

Health Care Provider.

ASHA Name.

The registration date need to precede the go to date.

Fiscal Year (‘Year’ is deactivated and proven primarily based totally on ‘Registration Date’).

Name of Expectant Mothers.


Mobile wide variety. Age. Weight in PW (Kg).

Once the consumer clicks the ‘Save’ button, the subsequent message will display at the display.

General Information Regarding the Tracking of Pregnant Women (PG-2) web page:

Tracking of Pregnant ladies popular records 2 access

Tracking of Pregnant ladies popular records 2 access

Following records is required (*) for Pregnant Women Tracking

Name of the Health Provider


Select the applicable choice from the drop-down menu when you have suffered from any popular disorder throughout your being pregnant.

If there’s a records of numerous popular illnesses, choose the a couple of choice from the dropdown menu. If there’s no records of any disease, choose the “None” choice.

Child Data Entry.

This web page is offered in  ways:

(1) Navigate to the Data Entry Page and choose out Child access primarily based totally on the required Hierarchy. Select the Data Entry tab from the Main Menu.

The very subsequent display will display in case you click on the Submit button:

Child Tracking Information Entry

The Child Entry Tracking Form gives records concerning Immunization offerings to Registered Infants and kids.

The required Tracking of Child facts enter fields are as follows:

Choose ANM/ASHA.

Immunization Details include  hyperlink buttons.

o Edit Link Button – Child Data Entry Update

o Select – Forward to Child Medical Tracking (In case Measles-1)

Update Entry for Children.

After completing Child Information After clicking the Save button, a affirmation container will show; then, click on OK. It is feasible to peer statistics at the lowest of the display.

Child Health Monitoring Entry.

When baby immunization records is enter, the web page is forwarded to the kid scientific monitoring web page.

Should Measles-1

For the Child Medical Tracking Form, please consist of the subsequent records:

  • Date of Visit.
  • Child’s Weight.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Pneumonia.

After completing Child Tracking details After clicking the Save button, a affirmation container will show; then, click on OK. It is feasible to peer statistics at the lowest of the display.

Through the Infant Details web page while the Infant Registration Number hyperlink is clicked.

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