. PlayerzPot Apk Download (2022)Referral Code | Download App and get FREE Rs 100 -

PlayerzPot Apk Download (2022)Referral Code | Download App and get FREE Rs 100

 Are you looking for a fantasy sports game app where you want to earn money from your favorite sports such as cricket, football, kabaddi and more? Then today’s article is for you.

In today’s article, we will introduce you to PlayerzPot Apk, one such idea that allows you to earn real money. You can play many beautiful games, but few apps have both fantastic games and game platforms. PlayerzPot is one of the apps that millions of people love and earn money by playing games here. In this article, we will learn what is playerzpot app, how to download playerzpot app, how to register, how to earn money with this app and more. So, if you still want to learn more about PlayerzPot’s fantasy sports, read on. until the end of the article.

What is PlayerzPot Apk?

These are Indian fantasy and sports games. Where users can earn real money from games. Here you can find many magnificent sports such as cricket, football, volleyball, kabaddi, hockey and baseball. Among them, you can earn money by playing online in your favorite bookmaker.

Moreover, you can play Ludo, chess, carrom, snake and ladder in this gaming platform.

This fantastic game was created in 2015 and the target ambassador is Bhuvneshwar Kumar, fast bowler of Indian cricket team.

PlayerzPot has over 10 million users here who earn money by creating their own fantasy teams and participating in tournaments. PlayerzPot offers over 100 tournaments per day and many winners win over $10 million per day. Related: India’s best fantasy game apps

Download Playerspot APK

The PlayerzPot Fantasy Sports app is available for Android and iOS. I can’t find it at the mall. For iOS, you can download it from Apple Store, for Android, you can download it from the download button below or from PlayerzPot official website. In addition to this, all the steps to download this fantastic game are given below and you can download this application.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser first. 

Step 2: Now search Playerzpot device in your browser search box.

Step 3: Now click on the link on the official website of playerzpot in the first issue to open the search box.

Step 4: Now click on the Download App button when it appears and download the Playerzpot Apk file.

Step 5: Now install the downloaded Apk file.

Now enable unknown sources and install this fantastic app, PlayerzPot app will be downloaded and installed on your android phone. 

Download PlayerzPot App

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How to register for PlayerzPot APK and get 50 rupees?

Upon registration, you will receive Rs. 50 is offered as a subscription bonus and if it is your first time developing a fantastic app, you can earn additional Rs by signing up with a referral number. When registering with a referral number, enter 100 to enter the contest.

To register, you need to register and only then can you claim your earnings. The whole registration process is as follows, and you can register.

  • Step 1: First open the app and then click on the Register button. 
  • Step 2: Once you have obtained the authorization, you will now see the option to register with Facebook, Google and your mobile number.
  • Step 3: You can save whatever you like. Here we will check in with our mobile number.
  • Step 4: Next, you need to add your mobile number and email address and click Next.
  • Step 5: Now click OK when you see the confirmation number pop-up window.
  • Step 6: Now select your status from the options and enter the strong password in the password option.
  •  Step 7: You will now see the option to have your referral number which you enter in your transfer number and click on save.
  • Step 8: Once OTP is received on your mobile phone, enter it and click OK to register.

Now you need to register as a member and complete the registration. After that, you will receive a bonus of 25 rupees and the remaining 25 rupees after completing the KYC.

How to KYC on PlayerzPot Apk?

To withdraw a product from a game or a tournament, or a product from a transfer or a product, you must first file a KYC to transfer this money to your account as a company. The whole process to become a KYC is shown below and you can become a KYC.

Step 1: First, go to PlayerzPot app and click on More options for KYC.

Step 2: Now click on Wallet and a KYC option will appear on the top right corner.

Step 3: Now after submitting and verifying the details like Name, Date of Birth, PAN, Aadhar Card and Bank details, tap on save option and your KYC is done.

Submit and win PlayerzPot

You can also earn a lot of money by participating in referrals on the playerzPot fantasy application. You can earn up to 1500 rupees every time you submit this application and you can send this money to your wallet or bank account.

If someone also download this app from your referral link

If the account is successful, he will receive 50 rupees and if he deposits from his PlayerzPot wallet, he will always receive 2% of this amount. Moreover, while downloading apps from your referrals, users get up to Rs 15 + 10 = 25 for verification of their phone number and email and up to Rs 25 for verification of their PAN card.

How to make money on PlayerzPot

In playerzPot fantasy app, if you want to earn money by participating in sports such as football, cricket, etc., you must first add money to the PlayerzPot wallet so that you can earn a lot money by investing in a competition. We have given you all the steps to add money to PlayerzPot wallet, so that you can add money to PlayerzPot wallet accordingly.

Step 1: To add money, first go to the wallet section of PlayerzPot.

Step 2: Click Deposit Now.

Step 3: Now after entering all the funds you want to add to the registration fee, click on Add Account.

Step 4: You will now see different payment options.

Step 5: Select the type of payment you want to add and click Pay, the amount will be sent to your PlayerzPot wallet.

You can now join many challenges and wonders in PlayerzPot Apk with your wallet.

 How to withdraw revenue from PlayerzPot

You can transfer winnings in PlayerzPot Fantasy sports app directly to your bank account or paytm wallet. To withdraw money from PlayerzPot, you must have at least 150 rupees and you can withdraw up to 50,000 rupees per day.

Below are the steps to withdraw money you get from PlayerzPot Apk.

Step 1: First of all, go to PlayerzPot Apk Wallet.

Step 2: You will then be redirected to the Research section where you will see the earnings.

Step 3: Now click Delete and enter the value you want to delete. 

Step 4: Now select one of the products like Instant Withdraw, Paytm or Bank Transfer and click on Remove Now.

Step 5: The money will be transferred to your Paytm wallet or bank account.

PlayerzPot APK Final Thoughts

We hope this article has helped you. If you are a fan of fantasy sports and love sports then you must share your sports experience here and definitely download this app once and earn money by participating in tournaments and online games here.

If you have all the information about PlayerzPot Apk and know how to download it, you should try this beautiful game and share it with your friends. At the same time, gambling is full of financial risk and can cause you to lose your money, so play at your own risk.