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Pest Disease Control Scheme | UP Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana Online Application, Eligibility 2022

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 Various kinds of schemes are being began out to reinforce the profits of farmer brothers in India. With the assist of which farmers have become greater advantages. Often because of horrific weather, farmers must inflict large losses of their plants. Recently, Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana has been began out in view of this problem. Chemicals must be implemented to the broken crop to keep away from pest disorder and weeds. 

Due to which the rate in their crop will increase similarly. But the profits of the farmers decreases. In view of this problem, the Pest Disease Control Scheme for the farmers became applied through the State Government from the yr 2018-19 to the yr 2021-22.

Now seeing the advantage of greater outcomes of this, commands had been issued to preserve this scheme for every other five years. Under this text of nowadays we are able to come up with UPKeet Rog goes to provide all of the critical data associated with Niyantran Yojana . We request you to examine this text until the end.  

UP Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana 2022

This scheme has been accepted thru tough scenario withinside the cupboard assembly chaired through the Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath ji on Tuesday, sixth September. Under the Pest Disease Control Scheme, the scheme has been began out through the UP authorities for the farmers of the nation to provide subsidy at the machines that spray insecticides and pesticides at the crop. 

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This scheme became applied from the yr 2017-18 to 2021-22. But it’s been prolonged similarly for five years through the authorities to peer its outcomes. That is, now the farmers of the nation can take gain of this scheme from the yr 2022-23 to the yr 2026-27. Under Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana   , 15 to 20�mage resulting from weeds in plants in the course of the yr, 26�mage because of crop illnesses and 20�mage because of pests could be avoided.

Highlights of Uttar Pradesh Pest Disease Control Scheme

  • scheme call Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana 
  • The yr 2022
  • who began out By Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh
  • motive Providing subsidy on nation pesticides and pesticide spraying machines
  • Beneficiary UP farmers
  • Application Process offline
  • professional internet site http://www.upagriculture.com

19257.seventy five crore could be spent through the nation authorities on Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana in five years

The pest disorder manage scheme released through the UP authorities has been prolonged from 2022-23 to 2026-27 i.e. for five years. From the economic yr 2017-18 to 2021-22, greater useful outcomes of this scheme had been seen. Through this scheme, 11,58,321 farmers of the nation had been benefited in lots of paintings gadgets all through the economic years. Now once more with Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana , lakhs of farmers of the nation gets advantages on diverse paintings gadgets. In this scheme Rs 19257.seventy five crore could be spent this yr. Whose unique intention is to boom the profits of the farmer brothers and to enhance their monetary situation and to guide a higher life.

Farmers gets seventy five% subsidy on natural drugs

Insecticides and agricultural gadget could be furnished to the farmers of Uttar Pradesh beneathneath the Uttar Pradesh Pest Disease Control Scheme . Under this scheme, the nation authorities will offer biopesticides and bioagents on seventy five% subsidy for meals production.

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As you all are aware, at gift Integrated Pest Management System is being promoted withinside the nation to manipulate weed pest disorder. Due to which 09 I.P.M. through the State Agriculture Department. Laboratories had been established. In which the farmer brothers are given biopesticides consisting of Trichoderma, Beauveria vasiana, NPV. And bioagents consisting of Trichogramma playing cards are being produced. Through which greater advantages could be furnished to the farmers of the nation.

Chemical drugs and sprayers could be given on 50% subsidy

Under Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana , through the Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Adityanath Yogi, will offer 50% subsidy on agricultural protection chemical substances to small and marginal farmers for the manage of weed pest disorder. It has been advised through the authorities that for the economic yr 2022, farmers could be furnished agricultural protection chemical substances on supply for 1.ninety five lakh hectares of land area. 

Along with this, agricultural equipment like knapsack sprayer, energy sprayer etc. can also be furnished to spray these kinds of chemical substances at the crop. On which 50% subsidy could be furnished. 6,000 agricultural machines could be made to be had withinside the economic yr 2022-23. Apart from this, it’s been advised through the Agriculture Minister of India.

According to a suggestion through the assembly of the Council of Ministers, 50 percentage supply can also be made to be had to small and marginal farmers withinside the ultimate years for storing two-3 and 5 quintals of meals grains to preserve them safe. Along with this, data has additionally been given through the Chief Minister of UP that from 2022 to 2027 thru Pest Disease Control Scheme , forty one lakh forty two thousand farmers could be furnished advantages.

Benefits and Features of Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana

  • According to the assembly to be hung on Tuesday, September 6, through the reputable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Adityanath Yogi ji, approval has been given to begin this scheme once more.
  • Through the Uttar Pradesh Pest Disease Control Scheme , 15 to 20% of annual weed loss in plants could be stored from 26% loss because of crop illnesses and 20% from pest damage.
  • Let us inform you that for the primary time i.e. from 2017-18 to 2021-22, 11,58,321 farmers had been furnished advantages on diverse paintings problems through the nation authorities.
  • Now the nation authorities has set a price range to spend Rs 19257.seventy five crore for five years.
  • For the economic yr 2022-23, Rs 34.17 crore has been spent through the nation authorities.
  • This time forty one lakh forty two thousand farmers could be furnished advantages thru Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana began out through the Government of Uttar Pradesh and Agriculture Department .
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Eligibility and Required Documents beneathneath Pest Disease Control Scheme

To take gain of this scheme, the applicant must be a farmer.

It is obligatory for the applicant to be a everlasting resident of Uttar Pradesh.

  • Aadhar card
  • cell number
  • I Certificate
  • Address proof
  • passport length photo
  • land associated files

Application Process Under Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana

  • First of all you need to visit the Agriculture Department of your district. By going there you may must get the utility shape of Pest Disease Control Scheme.
  • After getting the utility shape, you need to input all of the data requested withinside the utility shape carefully.
  • After coming into all of the data carefully, you need to connect all of the essential files with the utility shape.
  • After that eventually you need to post the utility shape to the Agriculture Department. Where did you get the utility shape.
  • Thus you could without difficulty follow beneathneath Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana .

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