. My11Circle App Apk Download (2022) | Best Fantasy Cricket Apps | My11Circle Referral Code -

My11Circle App Apk Download (2022) | Best Fantasy Cricket Apps | My11Circle Referral Code

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 Cricket is the most popular game in India, so now you can find many such applications on the market where you can win thousands and thousands of rupees by creating your cricket team called Fantasy Cricket Apps and My11Circle is one of the best Fantasy Cricket Applications.

These days, the My11Circle app has become very popular because it was launched by former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly, where you can make money online by sitting at home with your knowledge of cricket.

You can estimate the popularity of My11Circle by the fact that 13 million people have downloaded this application and 11 million prizes have been won with this application.

So if you are also a fan of cricket and want to make money playing fantasy cricket, you should read this article once, because now we will provide you with all the information about what the My11Circle Apk is and how it will be downloaded and how. play it.

What is the My11Circle application

My11Circle is a fantasy cricket app where you have to use your cricket knowledge to build your team before the start of each cricket match and then you have a chance to win money while your team is performing. The name of the company that makes My11Circle is Play Games24 * 7 Pvt.Ltd. Earlier, this company created another popular application, which you know as Rummy Circle Game.

The peculiarity of fantasy cricket is that you have to create your own team of two teams and include the 11 players who perform best in the game.

You get points according to the performance of the players you choose, and based on the points you then get a leaderboard and according to the leaderboard you get money.

In the My11Circle application you get points for everything that happens in the game, such as Catch, Run, Out, Four, Six Runs, etc. And if you get the most points, you can win the game with My11Circle and you can also earn millions of rupees.

Download My11Circle Apk

If you have a good knowledge of cricket matches, then this application can be a good guide for your entertainment and you can earn money on it, after downloading and installing this application you need to register and make money by your team on make.a

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Note- You won’t find the My11Circle app in the Google Play Store, so you need to download the app from our provided link because Google doesn’t support the app, so Dream11 can’t access the Google Play store.

Step-1 You must download the My11Circle application, where you click the button below.

Step 2 Download the My11Circle application

Step 3 Once the application is downloaded, you must install it by enabling anonymous resources.

Step 4 Now that My11Circle has been downloaded and installed on your mobile, you can create an account with My11Circle after completing a few steps to register and create an account with My11Circle.

How to register for My11Circle App

Step-1 First open this application and click the Register button.

Step 2 Register now by entering your username, password and Gmail ID.

Step 3 You are now ready to create an account.

Step 4 With Facebook, you can easily create an account for it.

How to create and play a team of My11Circle applications

To make money with My11Circle, you must play as a team and create your 11-player team, where you must select the players from the two teams that are the best in the game.

In your team you have to choose batsmen, pitchers, goal keepers and everything around, captain, voice captain and for the selection of all you get points and you can choose only 7 players from each team.

 Step 1 First, open your App & My11Circle credentials using your credentials.

Step 2 Now select the game you want to play.

Step -3 Now you can play many types of competitions here, such as Cash Contest, Practice Contest and Private Contest, etc.

Money contest – you can play by investing your money in such a contest.

Training match – you can play a competition in free training without having to invest money. Private Tournament – A private tournament where you can create and play your own league by sharing it with others.

Step 3 Click now and enter the match you want to play and see how much you will pay to participate.

Step 4 Here you will know how much money you will receive when you get into the rank and how much and who participated in it.

Step-5 Now click the Join button and create your team to score 100 points, select your team from 1-4 Wicket Keeper, 1-6 Batsman, 1-6 All-Rounder, 1-6 Bowler and click Next.

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Step 6 Now that you have chosen the captain and deputy captain of your group, keep in mind that the captain’s point is 2x and the captain’s point is 1.5, so choose wisely. 

Step 7 Connect to the content and payment for the content will be deducted from your account after you complete the game participation process.

Rules and point system of My11Circle application

My11Circle is a fantasy cricket, so it works perfectly with the points system, if you can get the most points by creating your team, you can get the first prize in this league and a thousand rupees or more. There can be many more, so you need to know the rules and the point system in My11Circle.

You will be the captain of the team with its 2x points, then you must be the only captain who is the best player, and be the deputy captain of the team you consider the best player in 2nd place, because more- Captain’s Points for x1.5. When each player on the team plays, he has 2 points and if he cannot play, he gets zero points.

How to make money with My11Circle

There are two ways to make money from My11Circle, but the most important thing is to create your own My11Circle team and use your cricket knowledge to engage the players on your team who will perform best during the match. . Because if you succeed in choosing such players, you get the highest number of points that will lead you to the first prize in a league whose prize money is very high, it can be several thousand or it can be many times more than the above. The first way.

Another way you can promote the My11Circle app and get a Rs 500 bonus is to add it to each person through the Recommend and Earn program, and then use that money without depositing any of your money, you can earn money by playing matches. It seems that how do we withdraw our winning money?

How to withdraw winning money from My11Circle Apk

Now the most important thing is how to withdraw money won from My11Circle, then we will tell you that to withdraw money from My11Circle, you must enter all the important information you need, and if the My11Circle team confirms this, then you may be entitled to cancel your account.

You can add your bank or Paytm account to My11Circle, and after winning a financial reward, you can also be transferred to your account. 

Step 1 Open My11Circle and click My Account after going to More.

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Step 2 Click Cash Withdraw here to enter your important details.

Step 3 Now enter your winning money as the amount you want to withdraw.

Step 4 The money you withdrew has now been transferred to your account.

We’ve made every effort to provide you with all the information about My11Circle to help you better understand this application, and now you can use this application easily. 


We’ve made every effort to provide you with all the information about My11Circle to help you better understand this application, and now you can use this application easily.

We hope that what is the My11Circle App and how you can download it and how to make money, you should get all the information after reading this article.

So if you like this article, share it with your friends who want to make money on their mobile phones and like to play fantasy cricket so they can have fun too.

Is My11Circle Safe?

If you are interested in whether My11Circle is safe, let me say for your information that it is completely safe! My11Circle is a “skill” game. The relevant law in India states very clearly that, unlike “gambling”, games that require a lot of skill are used legally by the player. All games hosted by My11Circle are carefully designed and the jurisdiction of the prize winners is strictly guarded to ensure legal compliance with applicable laws at the time of entry into force in India. Cricket Fantasy cannot be played in some states of India, such as: Assam, Orissa or Telangana. You are prohibited from playing My11Circle cash games in either state.

Benefits of using My11Circle

My11Circle is an online fantasy application that allows you to earn by demonstrating your cricket knowledge and analytical skills. The biggest advantage of using My11Circle is that you only have to build your own team. Have 100 credits and compete with others. Whatever device you use, the My11Circle Fantasy Apk can liven up your favorite sports.

How to play My11Circle

This is a skill game with which you can build your team and build your winning strategy. Here you can create your own fantasy cricket team from real players and earn points based on their real-time performance in the real game.

My11circle customer care

If you have a problem with My11Circle, you can register your problem by dialing the customer care number on My11Circle.

Missed call to phone number: 8010400200

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

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