My Aim in Life Essay in English 100, 200, 300, 500 Words

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My Aim in Life Essay: An aimless individual is like that one deliver that has no helmsman and has misplaced control. Having an purpose in one’s existence may be very crucial. Because it drives us withinside the proper direction.


In this article, we’re going to study a few brief and lengthy essays on my purpose in existence. So with out in addition ado, permit’s get into latest essay.

Long and Short Essay On My Aim In Life

Essay on my Aim in Life in 500 Words


Any individual who has no purpose in existence is sort of a misplaced deliver midst of a sea. Without a goal, no person could make a progress. If you’ve got got an purpose in existence you would be capable of get thru your hurdles and ups and downs on your existence. When you put your existence purpose, you describe your identification and existence. We get this existence simplest once. This is so precious, then what’s the factor of residing it with none purpose and motive in existence?

Importance of purpose in existence

There are many blessings of getting an purpose in existence. When you’ve got got an purpose in existence you’ve got got a clean imaginative and prescient and expertise of your what you’re going to do on your existence. It offers you the proper direction. In easy terms, purpose leads someone withinside the proper direction. Without it, we might now no longer be capable of parent out what’s crucial and what isn’t always.

How to pick out an Aim in Life?

Choosing an purpose in existence isn’t always as smooth because it sounds. You want to parent out what you’re appropriate at. Most of all, what you love. Most humans get stimulated both via way of means of their mother and father or their instructors and mentors. However, you have to now no longer compromise your hobbies and ardour whilst selecting an purpose in existence.

How to gain an Aim in Life?

The first component you want to do is to ensure you choose the proper purpose. It will assist you to live constant and stimulated whilst operating to your purpose. Some factors you should adhere to:

Be clever and paintings day by day to gain your purpose.

Stay stimulated.

Stay farfar from poor humans.

Do now no longer get indulged in horrific habits.

Focus to your existence extra than others.

Visualize your purpose in existence.

Keep music of your progress.

Stay constant.

Do now no longer permit horrific effects demoralize you.

Get comments out of your mentors.

Test your progress.

My Aim

Every person units an purpose in keeping with his/her hobbies. Some need to be medical doctors whilst others need to be engineers or lawyers. However, my purpose is sort of distinct from the stated professions. I need to emerge as a social worker.

There are more than one motives why I need to be a social worker. I stay in a far off village wherein there aren’t anyt any simple centers like towns do have. I need to assist my village humans. I would love to inspire them to purpose huge. We have no medical doctors or engineers in our village. No one has ever been to IIT or IIM university in our village. I would love to inspire my humans to look at difficult. So that they are able to get admission into the pinnacle reputed faculties of the us of a. Furthermore, a few adjacent villages do now no longer have the simple centers both. I would like to paintings in such regions to spotlight their troubles with the administration.

To summarize my purpose in existence, I purpose to paintings for humans and sacrifice my time for others. It makes me content material and happy.

Essay on My Aim in Life in 2 hundred Words

An aimless individual is with out direction. So it’s far very crucial to set an purpose in existence. If we do now no longer recognise what we need to do in existence, then we’re sure to fail. However, while we parent out our purpose at a completely early age, the probabilities of failure are nearly zero.

I am very stimulated via way of means of my instructors who usually inspire me to purpose excessive. They are very supportive. I changed into bewildered approximately my purpose in existence. However, I even have found out my ardour lately.

I love English subjects. I like to study novels and poetry. My preferred English ee-e book is The Iliad via way of means of Homer. It’s an epic novel that changed into written via way of means of Homer. However, the writer’s info aren’t available. We do not know who precisely the writer of the ee-e book changed into. Nevertheless, it’s been written so properly and perfectly. Its fashion and plots are of the subsequent level. As I said above, I love analyzing books. In different words, it’s far my ardour.

Since I love analyzing and mastering English literature,  I even have found out my purpose of turning into a professor. After completing my schooling, I might pursue an English honors diploma after which a master’s and Ph.D. withinside the same. Then  I would love to put together for the NET exam. And in the long run emerge as a professor.

I am quite adamant approximately my purpose. I would like to educate others. It’s my dream, ardour, and everything.

Paragraph & Essay on My Aim in Life

Short Paragraph on My Aim in Life in one hundred Words

Every pupil should have an purpose in existence. It enables to live centered and growth the probabilities of success.

My purpose in existence is to emerge as a pilot. I sense suppose that the pilot career may be very appropriate. As it’s far packed with thrill and adventure. I love visiting. It might be a laugh to journey from one us of a to the different. Most importantly, visiting teaches you a lot lessons. It teaches you to appreciate different cultures and traditions. It could be awesome mastering. It might upload as much as my experiences.

The existence of a pilot isn’t always as smooth because it seems. It’s complete of demanding situations and uncertainties. It might be awesome to be part of this sort of difficult career. It will assist me to discover the complete world. Furthermore, I love mastering matters & this career gives many stuff to analyze.

To sum up, aiming for excessive isn’t always a crime. Everyone have to have emerge as goals in existence. As they ”you emerge as what you suppose.” Therefore, dream huge and feature a respectable existence.

My Aim in Life Essay in English one hundred, 2 hundred, 300, 500 Words

My purpose in existence is to emerge as a scientist. I love analyzing physics and chemistry. My instructors and mother and father are my inspiration. They inspire me plenty to pursue my dream.

There are more than one motives why I need to emerge as a scientist. One of the primary motives why that is my purpose in existence is as it presents you with adequate possibilities to analyze new matters. It additionally offers you insights into the studies explorations of extraordinarily favourite scientists like Newton, Albert Einstein, & Marie Curie. Furthermore, you could use your medical know-how to clear up real-existence problems.

Since I am interested by this area, I might by no means have boredom whilst analyzing medical studies papers and doing experiments.

Scientists are the spine of industrialization and modernization. They play an crucial position in making lives smooth thru their modern thoughts and medical know-how. Without technology, we might have now no longer superior up to now in medical, engineering, gadget mastering, and Artificial Intelligence fields. It is due to technology that we’ve such awesome technologies.

That is why I need to be part of this sort of noble area thru which I can serve humanity to the satisfactory factor possible.

10 Lines on My Aim in Life


  1. The purpose is the maximum crucial a part of all and sundry’s existence. Nothing defines however aims. If you purpose for excessive, you gain huge matters on your existence.
  2. Every individual have to set an purpose in his/her existence. It have to be primarily based totally on their abilities and hobbies. Do now no longer permit all and sundry outline you however an purpose.
  3. A individual with an purpose in existence has a motive in his existence. It continues you engaged and disciplined.
  4. Any individual who has set any purpose in existence have to paintings difficult to pursue his purpose. It will assist you in achieving there as early as you desire.
  5. There are distinct kinds of humans withinside the world. Everyone’s persona and hobbies are distinct. Similarly, anybody has a distinct purpose in his/her existence.
  6. Likewise, I additionally have an purpose in my existence. I need to emerge as a lawyer.
  7. There are many motives why I need to emerge as a lawyer. Firstly, it’ll assist me to guard the rights of marginalized communities.
  8. I might be capable of combat for justice. I might stand via way of means of the ones who’ve no person to take care of them.
  9. Furthermore, I love this profession direction because it permits you to serve humanity in distinct ways.
  10. I desire to outline this noble career via way of means of my loyalty and determination to the career.
  11. To summarise, I love black coats and serving humanity.

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