. Ludo Supreme Gold Apk Download | Get ₹1500 Sign Up Bonus| Win ₹2000 Daily in 2023 -

Ludo Supreme Gold Apk Download | Get ₹1500 Sign Up Bonus| Win ₹2000 Daily in 2023

 Friends, if you want to play Ludo, you must download Ludo Supreme Gold Apk and know how to download Ludo Supreme Gold app. This game allows you to earn money while having fun at home, so if you are good at ludo games, you can earn up to 2000 rupees every day.

In this article, we are going to show you how to download Ludo Supreme Gold. What is Ludo Supreme Gold? And supreme ludo gold games are real or fake. You will find all the information about it. If you want to earn money playing online games, you must know Ludo Supreme Gold. Because Ludo Supreme Gold is a very interesting game that you can play and earn money.

What is Ludo Supreme Gold app?

Ludo Supreme Gold is an online game. This game is based on Ludo. You can play Ludo game online and you can create an online game room with your friends. By playing this game you can earn money through this game. The money you can earn in this game depends on your gaming skills. If you are a student, you will run out of pockets. Today, many people play this game and take advantage of it to earn money. Since this game is based on Ludo Perfect, it is a great game for Ludo lovers.

 Features of Ludo Supreme app

  • A game for family and friends.
  • Colorful graphics and smooth animations.
  • A real ludo game.
  • Local multiplayer.
  • Online multiplayer. Interesting and challenging puzzle game.
  • Classic art design made of wood or whiteboard

Download Ludo Supreme Gold APK For Android

Ludo Supreme Gold game is real money game and it is not available in stores because google play store policy does not support all real money game, you can download this game from official website or from the link below. To download the game, click on the link below and follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Click on the link
  • Step 2: Click Download Application.
  • Step 3: Install the app on your phone
  • Step 4: Create an account
  • Step 5: Launch the game

If the Unknown Sources option is not enabled on your phone, you need to go to settings and enable it to install the app. Then only users can install this application.

Receive special bonuses with Ludo Supreme Gold Login

When you register and download this application, you will receive an immediate bonus of Rs 10 which you can use to participate in the contest. The registration process is very simple and described below.

  • Step 1. Open the app and enter your mobile number.
  • Step 2. Allow SMS
  • Step 3. Confirmation of OTP received by application number
  • Step 4. Enter a name, select a language and click Continue. 

When you open the app, you will see two options. One is to register with your phone number and the other is to register in Gmail.

If you choose a mobile number, OTP authentication is required, and if you are registered with gmail, you can register by entering your username. You can still earn up to Rs 100 on your first subscription, so download now.

How to play the game in Ludo Supreme Gold Online?

How to play Ludo Supreme Gold game is very simple. Each player must race all four characters to their place. Ludo is determined by the number of dice rolls. The player who receives 6 of the dead always starts the nail game in the chip race.

You can play this game against your device or against other players. You can simulate your device as another player.

Ludo Dice Game Rules:

Each player chooses one of four colors (green, yellow, red, or blue) and places 4 of those colors on the circle to start matching. A single die is rolled to determine a move.

How to add money to Ludo Supreme Gold Apk?

There are many competitions in Ludo Suprime Gold app. Participation can earn you hundreds of thousands of rupees, but you will need to collect your wallet in the Ludo Suprime Gold app to enter this contest. .

You need to follow the steps below to add funds to this app.

  • Level 1. First open the app and then click on the Settings option.
  • Step 2. You will then need to go to My Balances where you can see all your balances.
  • Step 3. Then click Add Account.
  • Step 4. You now have several ways to add money to your wallet, from an option to add as much money as you want.

How do I remove the challenge?

When you win Rs.60 or more in Ludo Supreme Gold app, you can transfer that money from your bank or UPI account.

To withdraw money from the Ludo Supreme Gold app, follow these steps:

Step 1. Before opening this application, the amount will appear on the top. Click on it. This will take you to your in-game wallet.

Step 2. If you see a debit option on the second number of this wallet, click on it.

Step 3. When you click on the Delete option, you will be prompted to enter the value on the new page and you will need to select your UPI ID or debit mode bank account number.

 Step 4. When you choose a UPI ID, you can send money by entering your UPI number.

Withdrawals are deposited immediately into your bank and sometimes take a while.

Ludo Supreme Gold Sponsorship and Earnings

Referrals and earning options are provided for Ludo Supreme Gold apps where you can earn money by sharing this app with your family and friends. You get Rs.150 for each referral but you get Rs.150 if you download this game by sending and adding money to this game. When a friend adds 100 rupees to the game, they get 30 rupees, which allows them to play in Ludo Superme Gold app and also get an additional 120 rupees. Friends get the same (30 + 120 = 150).

Download Ludo Supreme Kub Mod APK

Are you still looking for a mod app for Ludo Supreme Gold? So read this section carefully. If you are looking to earn more money by installing mod apps for Ludo Supreme Gold apps, we want to tell you that downloading these apps is not safe for your phone security as well as many apps you see. It is fake on the site and does not work. They are just deceiving people, so downloading mod apps is just a waste of time, so I don’t recommend downloading them.

Ludo Supreme Gold for PC

Want to download ludo superme gold app for your pc and play this pc game? Then you need to download the emulator software on your PC. You can download BlueStacks, the popular software emulator, and install an Android app on your PC.

Follow the steps below to download Ludo Supreme Gold app from your PC.

Step 1. First, download and install BlueStacks software on your PC.

Step 2. Then download the Ludo Supreme Gold app.

Step 3. Then get this app from BlueStacks and install it.

Step 4. Now follow the registration process for Ludo Supreme Gold app mentioned above.

Is Ludo Supreme Gold safe?

Friends, this question will also come to your mind in Ludo Supreme Gold game where we can win money. So whether this game is really paying or not, and whether it is as safe as true or false.

It is a completely safe, real and reliable application, and you can not only earn real money from games, but also transfer your money directly to bank money.