Essay on Our solar system, & planets in English 2500+ words

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Hello friends , these days we’re going to describe approximately our sun machine approximately which we’re listening to from our childhood. Our that sun machine wherein our planet earth is located and wherein we’re living.

All the planets, solar, stars, satellites, etc. through combining with every different made a own circle of relatives that’s referred to as our sun machine. So, we can tricky in this subject matter withinside the simplest and maximum easy language that’s appropriate and well matched for all of the freshmen looking the Essay on our sun machine in 100, 200, 500, 100, a thousand and 1500 words.

Introduction to essay on our sun system :

According to science, there are hundreds of thousands of different universes gift and our universe isn’t always the best one. And in each universe, there are hundreds of thousands of galaxies, amongst them Milky Way is the galaxy wherein our sun machine is gift.

After the galaxies there got here sun structures which can be additionally huge in numbers. Then got here our sun machine wherein our planet earth is located. Thus, we are able to say that hundreds of thousands of sun structures, planets, universes, stars, etc. are gift and revolving round us.

So, in our sun machine, there may be one large solar gift on the middle, and all of the different planets across the solar revolves at their respective orbits with out stressful every different.

Earlier there had been 9 planets in our sun machine, however these days the planet Pluto isn’t anyt any extra taken into consideration as a planet so this is why now there are best 8 planets in our sun machine.

The planets had been organized in keeping with their distance from the solar beginning from Mercury planet that’s the nearest one to the solar.

So, the planets revolving across the solar are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. These all circulate of their respective orbits and every planet has its exceptional quality. It is stated that our earth is the best planet that has existence on it.

The largest big name of our sun machine:

The solar is the most important big name in our sun machine this is referred to as the middle of all of the planets round which all of the different planets revolve.

Sun the most important big name of our sun machine

It is likewise believed that our planet earth is likewise crafted from the a part of the solar and after hundreds of thousands of years whilst the earth cooled down existence starts offevolved to exist here. Its length is simply too large that through accumulating loads of earth one solar may be formed.

About our planet Earth:

The earth took 23 hours, and fifty six mins to revolve across the solar. It completes its one revolution at the velocity of a thousand miles in step with hour. The earth rotates from west to east at its personal axis at a excessive speed.

All the herbal and man-made satellites additionally revolve across the planet earth and just like the earth revolves across the solar. When our planet earth finished its one circle round its orbit, we have a good time that day as our new 12 months day.

Moon the herbal satellite tv for pc:

There are numerous satellites which can be shifting round our planet earth however the moon is the herbal satellite tv for pc of our planet earth. The moon is likewise having similarities to earth. It additionally has gravity as it’s miles there at the earth, the gravitational pressure is exceptional however it’s miles there.

That is why the tides and tsunamis got here in oceans, the gravity of the moon draws water to itself and the earth to itself and at some stage in the battle among each of them, there happened tsunamis and tides.

Specification of every planet

Our sun machine is consisting 8 planets whose specification separately is given as under:

9 planets of our sun machine


Mercury is the planet this is the primary planet in our sun machine and is taken into consideration because the most up to date and the smallest planet in our sun machine. Mercury is the planet that revolves across the solar in 88 earth days. It is the quickest revolving planet across the solar.


Venus is the second one closest planet to the solar and is likewise referred to as the morning big name. The length taken through the Venus Planet in revolving across the solar is 255 earth days. It is stated that at the brightest days on our earth we are able to see the Venus with bare eyes as it’s miles the various brightest planets.


Earth is the best planet on which there may be existence. Our planet Earth is on the 0.33 role which revolves across the solar and finished its one revolution in 365 earth days.

Earth is the best planet in which there may be water, air, and an surroundings appropriate for existence. It is likewise referred to as the blue planet due to the fact  0.33 of our planet is blanketed with water.


Mars is the fourth planet that revolves across the solar and completes its adventure in 687 earth days. Mars is likewise referred to as the purple planet.

Mars is a chilly planet and it’s miles a planet that has a few similarities with the planet earth. Many area groups also are operating in regards to this planet due to the fact existence also can be made viable there.


Jupiter is the most important revolving planet in our sun machine that revolves across the solar and it takes about 4333 earth days to finish its adventure. Jupiter is the planet that’s having seventy nine herbal satellites that revolve round it. Jupiter is having a large purple spot on it and its floor is blanketed with clouds.


So, our 6th planet is Saturn. It is a planet that’s having earrings round its floor which can be made of the ice particles. The Saturn planet took round 10,759 earth days simply to finish one revolution across the solar and it has sixty two herbal satellites.


Uranus is the 7th planet that revolves across the solar and finished its revolution in 30,687 earth days. It is the second one biggest planet of our sun machine after Jupiter. It is counted as one of the coldest planets in our sun machine.


Our 8th planet is Neptune that’s referred to as the large blue planet that completes its adventure of revolution across the solar in 60,a hundred ninety earth days.

Human Travelling to area:

As we understand that there are 8 planets in our sun machine in conjunction with the large solar and different satellites revolve across the planets. Human beings have reached a number of the planets and herbal satellites which can be Venus, Mars, Saturn, comets, asteroids, and the moon.

Our u . s . India has end up the primary u . s . to land its craft at the floor of Mars withinside the entire global in its first try with a totally little budget. Along with this, human beings have additionally traveled to the moon our herbal satellite tv for pc many a time through exceptional countries, and still, their exercise goes on with new missions.

Space groups that tour area:

When we speak approximately area groups the primary and major call that got here to our minds is NASA. But there also are numerous different area groups withinside the global that used to tour the gap both human beings pass on missions or robot missions had been held.

The different famous and choicest area groups withinside the global which can be appearing to their maximum are:


  • China National Space Administration (CNSA)
  • European Space Agency (ESA)
  • Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA)


Beliefs approximately the sun machine:

Earlier it became believed earlier than Galileo that the earth is the middle of our sun machine and all of the planets, satellites, stars in conjunction with the solar all revolve across the planet earth.

Later on, it became clarified that the earth isn’t always the middle factor however as a substitute the solar is the middle factor and all of the planets used to revolve across the solar.

It became additionally believed that the earth isn’t always oval however as a substitute it’s miles a flat floor blanketed with water, however this confusion became additionally afterward solved through our exceptional scientists that the earth isn’t always flat however it’s miles oval and rotates across the solar on its personal orbit from west to east.


We have now studied approximately the planets, solar, moon, etc. however there may be some thing else additionally this is gift. That is the constellations that had been there withinside the sky.

The constellation that may be visible from the floor of the earth and this is widely recognized to this point is 88 in its number. It is stated that the historical humans had been additionally widely recognized of those constellations.

That the writer is of the view that after we got here to consider the universes besides for our personal one, the exceptional sun structures, and the exceptional planets, we then sense that what a small sort of creature we’re.

This can occur due to the fact humans or extraterrestrial beings like us are someplace in another sun machine and may be there withinside the universe. I am additionally watching for the day whilst we might be capable of circulate from one galaxy to any other galaxy and will tour the universe.

I additionally understand that our scientists can shape such devices or strategies that might make us tour round different planets easily.

As the writer could be very resourceful in nature due to the fact he used to observe the Doraemon cool animated film a lot, in which the touring from one galaxy to any other or one universe to any other is made very easy. So, the writer is hoping that we might be capable of do so.

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