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Essay on Diwali/Deepawali in English in more than 2000 words

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Hello friends , these days we’re going to describe an essay at the one of the preferred subjects of just about all of the college students that is the Indian competition Diwali which is well known with complete of energy.

As we are able to say that India is likewise a rustic of gala’s wherein a whole lot of gala’s have been celebrated that is available in nearly each month. Diwali is one of these gala’s.

Diwali is referred to as the competition of lighting wherein humans all around the united states and additionally in different international locations used the lighting to enhance their homes. People all around the united states are very a good deal enthusiastic about this competition and have been anticipating the identical complete year. Children additionally appreciated this competition plenty. They used to look ahead to it.

So, these days we’re going to describe an essay on Diwali in greater than 1500 phrases which might be appropriate and relevant for all of the college students locating the essay on Diwali in 100, 500, 1000, or 1500 phrases withinside the simplest and easy phrases which might be as below.

Introduction to Essay on Diwali:

Diwali is the competition of lighting and is one in every of the largest celebrating gala’s in India. Diwali is commonly celebrated among the month of October and November each year. All the Indians celebrated this competition with none differences.

According to records, Diwali is the competition that is well known through the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains. Diwali is the competition of victory over evil and the prevailing of the mild upon the dark. Diwali is well known after twenty days of Dussehra.

The competition of Diwali is well known through Hindus because of its anciental importance. Its records is primarily based totally at the epic Ramayana, wherein Lord Ram, Laxman, Sita, and Hanuman have been involved. They have reached Ayodhya after the final touch of the exile of the duration of fourteen years from their landmark.

They reached there after defeating the demon Ravana together along with his military in conjunction with the defeat of the evil and the victory of the reality. So, on coming lower back of the Lord Ram and in conjunction with others the humans of Ayodhya celebrated this present day with candles, lighting, dispensing goodies, and through bursting crackers.

So, from that day this competition got here into life that is now celebrated with complete electricity and energy. The competition of Diwali is well known with complete pleasure in all around the united states with brotherhood with every different.

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The Sikhs additionally celebrated this competition because of its anciental importance. The 6th guru of Sikhs Shri Hargobind Singh Ji changed into launched from the prison of Gwalior in this day that is why the Sikhs additionally celebrated this competition with extremely good pomp and show.


This competition is well known with complete pleasure and distinctive functions, rituals, ceremonies, and different matters have been completed in this day. Many days earlier than the celebrations of this competition the humans commenced cleansing their houses, portray new colorings to their houses, decorations have been made of their houses and all of the renovating obligations have been completed through them.

The shopkeepers enhance their stores with stocks, substances and articles making their stores greater beautiful. All the stores have been adorned at some stage in this competition and the marketplace is complete of humans. The humans went to the markets and the overcrowding withinside the markets locations can commonly be visible everywhere.

The humans made looking for themselves or their households. They used to shop for items for his or her relatives, buddies and neighbours for whom they’ve affection. On this present day the only issue youngsters appreciated the maximum is to burst crackers. That is their preferred moment.

Diwali crackers

The looking for crackers withinside the marketplaces changed into finished through the youngsters in conjunction with their parents. Children from morning to nighttime have been enthusiastic about bursting the crackers and have been in a superb mood. At night time, all used to burst crackers. The sky packed with coloration may be visible at some stage in nighttime. The sky lantern have been extensively utilized to be flown withinside the air through the humans.

People meet with every different and needed them many greetings in this unique event. All of them used to distribute goodies and percentage their happiness with every different. At night time humans used to enhance their homes with candles, lamps, diyas, and mild bulbs.

On this present day humans used to go to holy locations just like the temples, Gurudwaras, and others. They recite the prayers, percentage their happiness with others, and after praying go back lower back to their respective houses. The Laxmi puja changed into additionally finished in this unique event wherein all of the own circle of relatives participants prayed collectively and requested for desires for themselves.

People used to mild the candles on the holy locations at some stage in the nighttime. The goodies and the fritters have been organized on the marketplace locations and additionally organized through the humans at home. The complete day changed into celebrated and spent with complete of entertainment.

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On this unique event, the Diwali at Sh. Harmandir Sahib referred to as the Golden Temple changed into very well-known as we’ve got additionally heard approximately it withinside the books. The Diwali in Golden Temple need to be visible through as soon as in his lifetime.

Celebrations in colleges and places of work:

Diwali is a competition this is additionally celebrated in colleges and places of work previous to the event day. The colleges and places of work have been adorned with distinctive lighting, candles and different ornamental substances. The goodies have been dispensed many of the youngsters at school.

The competitions like singing, dancing, writing paragraphs, etc. have been held in among the college students, and prizes have been dispensed accordingly. There are countrywide vacations for all of the college students and workplace employees for the birthday party of this unique event. Children have been completely loose from their colleges and have been capable of completely revel in their day to their fullest.

Some Bad approaches of birthday party:

Now we might come to the black aspect of this competition. No doubt that this competition is a extremely good pleasure for all of us. Though the humans celebrated this competition with their households and worship Gods and Goddesses and visited the holy locations.

But there are a few humans which play the sport of playing at some stage in the complete competition timings in conjunction with this for the birthday party of this competition they used to drink alcohol complete the day or even did now no longer trouble approximately their households and simply annoying and misbehaves with the opposite passersby and spoils the pleasure of this competition in all.

Some humans are having a few vintage considering the superstitions of appearing black magic which they used to carry out at the roadside, on the marketplace locations, and on the automobile fax. Some of them used to carry out it at the youngsters and a few on the homes of different humans which spoils the pleasure of this competition and accordingly all of the pleasure changed into long gone because of those humans.

Thus, there are precise and terrible each factors on earth. Sometimes, we ought to avoid, every now and then we ought to regulate and every now and then we ought to ignore.

In this manner Diwali is well known with extremely good pomp and proven withinside the united states with the sensation of brotherhood with every different.

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Shopping and Sales in shops:

During this competition, there have been income which have been held at distinctive shops. Fifty percentage to 80 percentage of income may be visible withinside the marketplace locations. These days there have been now no longer handiest reductions to be had to the humans however instead, the more items have been additionally given to all.

So, because of this reason, humans commonly choose to shop for matters in this day. Nowadays, the web shops have been open wherein we are able to see that a extremely good quantity of cut price changed into supplied through they all and something we buy, we can get some thing as a gift. There have been seasons of those shops like wherein buying associated commercials have been proven at the social media and we are able to say that that is additionally a competition of buying.

That the writer is of the view that our united states this is India is the land of gala’s, each month there have been gala’s that have been celebrated with complete amusement through the humans of the united states. This competition is the victory of the reality over the evil.

This competition is likewise the one of the preferred gala’s of absolutely each person as that is taken into consideration as one in every of the largest gala’s withinside the united states. This is a completely unique event and is likewise precise to have fun however celebrating it with the big utilization of crackers that ends in pollutants in our environment, isn’t always precise at all. This can damage plenty to our environment.

We can see that during our densely populated regions like Delhi and Mumbai, their air index pleasant is going to every now and then greater than the threat stage that even there may be hard to take a breath withinside the air. For this reason, on many a day, there stays the smoke withinside the air like fog and those suffered plenty.

Secondly, the waste of the crackers, plastic baggage of the goodies, items and different wastes have been brazenly thrown into the markets locations. The marketplace locations which in advance have been adorned with distinctive articles now were given polluted and have been now no longer even wiped clean for plenty a day.

We can have fun the Diwali competition in a few herbal approaches in order that because of us there might be no damage to our environment. I hope, you all revel in the total article this is written above and additionally you will revel in your competition of Diwali with extremely good pleasure.

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