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Download Fantasy Power 11 Apk App, Referral Code (Best Fantasy App 2022)

 Lots of people in India are playing fantastic games for real money. If you want to make money playing fantasy sports games and you are looking for such fantasy sports games app then today’s article is for you.

Today we are going to talk about Fantasy Power 11, one of the most beautiful games in India, one of the apps like Dream 11, My Group 11, My Circle 11 and more.

This is where you can get a variety of sports such as cricket, kabaddi, football, volleyball and more. In this game you can create and play your own team fantasy and get real value while having fun and earning extra cash in this app. You can also get the following bonuses: Rs 100 by sharing with your friends and family. Today we will know what Fantasy Power 11 apk is. How to download the Fantasy Power 11 app? What are the features, how do I sign up and play Fantasy Sports and more?

What is Fantasy Power 11 APK?

Fantasy Power 11 apk is the best game where you play many games for real money. Apart from cricket, you can find many wonderful sports here like Kabaddi, football and volleyball, so here you can have fun with your favorite sports fantasy and earn lots of money.

It is one of the best fantasy sports games in India. Fantasy Power 11 comes with two websites and an app and was launched in 2018 and has over 1 million users.

You can create your own fantasy team in this app and participate in various sports tournaments to get real value.

Features of Fantasy Power 11 APK

You can see many cool features of Fantasy Power 11 Hours below. daily competitions

  • User-friendly interface
  • Live score update
  • various games
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Daily gift up to 50 Lakhs
  • earn your points
  • welcome already
  • Immediate withdrawal

Register for Fantasy Power 11 APK and get Rs.100 FREE

If you sign this application and complete an account, you can get an instant bonus of Rs.100.

You can complete the registration by following the steps below.

  • Step 1: First of all download and install Fantasy Power 11 apk.
  • Step 2: Now open the app and click on the current recording option when it appears.
  • Step 3: Now here you need to enter some simple details like mobile phone, email id, date of birth and password and then click on Create Account. 
  • Step 4: Next you need to write your team, you can give it a name, select the state name and then tap on the group name.
  • Step 5: Now you will see the login options and enter the password you created by entering your phone number or email id.

You will then be logged in and the Fantasy Power 11 apk home page will open.

Besides that, you can create an account by logging in with your Facebook or Google account.

Download Fantasy Power 11 APK For Android

This app is for Android users only. You can also download this application from the download button below or visit the official website to download this application. In addition to that, we have given below all the steps to download Fantasy Power 11.

  • Step 1: First, open Chrome browser or another browser.
  • Step 2: Search by typing Fantasy Power 11 apk in your browser.
  • Step 3: At the top, you will see Fantasy Power 11 official website. Click on it.
  • Step 4: Once this site is open, you will see a Download from Android button on the homepage by clicking where you can download this application. 
  • Step 5: You can then install the app by going to the download install button, clicking on the app and enabling the unknown location.

You cannot see this app on play store because google does not allow play store to interact with real money.

How to play Fantasy Sports in Fantasy Power 11 APK?

Once you complete the registration process, you can create your own fantasy team and play in Fantasy Power 11 apk. Below is a summary of the entire process of building a team and entering competitions. If you follow, you can create your own fantastic team and participate in tournaments.

Step 1: Open app login first and ignore if you are already logged in.

Step 2: On this page, you will find more sports events with registration fees. You can also choose which competitions you want to participate in.

Step 3: Now tap My Group to create a group. If you choose cricket, you choose 11 players who will be the batsman, bowler and all-arounder.

Step 4: Now select the leader and the other leader of your 11-man cricket fantasy team and then tap Join Tournament.

Step 5: After participating in the tournament, wait for the tournament to start and the team will start scoring points at the start of the tournament.

Step 6: Keep checking the performance of the fantasy team. From the last match, you will know the score and the classification of your team.

Step 7: Now you can get the prize according to your team, which will be put in your wallet soon. We asked you to participate in this cricket team competition. Besides that, you can find a variety of sports such as kabaddi, volleyball, soccer and more. The same procedure applies.

Fantasy Power 11 Code Referral and Earnings

Fantasy Power 11 referrals will love you as it offers an additional 100 rupees bonus for shippers and shippers.

If you share your referral link and he completes the registration with your referral link, that person will get a bonus of Rs.100 and an additional gift of Rs.100.

Also, if he joins the Fantasy Power 11 tournament and wins money, he will receive 25% of that money. So if you want to join our referral program and earn extra money by sharing your referral, follow the steps below.

How to find out the Fantasy Power 11 referral code

Step 1: First open the app and press menu.

Step 2: Now tap on Send & Earn where you can see the send link and numbers.

Step 3: To share button below tap the tab where you will see various media app options. In this app you can choose the app you want and share this app with your friends and family.

How to withdraw victory in Fantasy Power 11

To withdraw your Fantasy Power 11 winnings, you must first verify your account, which you can do by submitting your PAN card or bank statement. You can withdraw KRW directly from your Fantasy Power 11 wallet on Paytm or your bank account.

The minimum withdrawal amount is different for Paytm and bank account number. You can withdraw at least Rs.100 from Paytm and at least Rs.300 from your bank account.

The complete procedure for withdrawing money from Wallet of Fantasy Power 11 is as follows:

Step 1: First go to My Profile section. Step 2: Below is where you can get your delete option.

Step 3: Click Delete and your earnings will appear here.

Step 4: Now enter the amount you want to remove.

Step 5: Now click Delete Now to select your payment options. 

You can withdraw money directly from Paytm or your bank account.

Your winnings will appear immediately in your paytm or bank account.

 Final Order For Fantasy Powers 11 APK

There is no doubt that the popularity of fantasy games has increased among people. So, if you have experience in similar sports, you can make money from your favorite sports such as cricket and football.

So the application is also curious about Fantasy Power 11, we have mentioned the details above and also provided a download link to easily download this application.

We hope this article has helped you. Must be with friends and family.