1000+ Words Essay on Women Empowerment

 Empowering women means making women powerful to make their own decisions. Women have suffered for many years at the hands of men. In the early centuries, it was considered almost non-existent. As any law is accessible to men, even for simple things like voting. Over time, women realize their strengths. This is where the revolution … Read more

800+ Words Essay on Nature

 Nature is an essential and vital part of humanity. It is one of the greatest blessings in human life. However, people today don’t recognize it as a thing. Nature has inspired many poets, writers and artists in the past. This incredible creation encouraged them to write poetry and stories in their glory. They are really … Read more

800+ Words Essay on Education

 Education is an important and vital tool in everyone’s life. Education is what sets us apart from all other living things on earth. It makes people the smartest people in the world. It empowers people and helps them cope with life’s challenges. However, education remains a luxury and not an obligation in our country. To … Read more