800+ Words Essay on Doctor

 Doctors all over the world are like God. This mainly happens because they are the weakest survivors of human activity. In addition, doctors consider her to be one of the most popular professions. People want their children to become doctors, and this dream is instilled in their childhood.

Doctors are often called saviors. We help sick and injured patients and give them the best possible care. Doctors have a difficult job. Doctors are required to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They respond to emergency calls at any time of the day. Doctors can decide how a person will be and help them. They risked their lives to help people.

Being a doctor is no easy task. It takes many years of training and expertise. There are many types of doctors who provide specialized care. Pediatricians treat children and cardiologists look for heart problems. Doctors need to find cures for many illnesses so that people can get rid of them. Ayurveda is one of the oldest traditional medicines in India where Ayurvedic doctors use herbs to treat various ailments.

A popular occupation in India is in the medical field. There are many medical schools with hospitals and clinics all over India. Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy is one of the best doctors in India. So we are celebrating National Physician Day on July 1 to remember his help and thank all the doctors he has done for us. 

A Doctors Life

Doctors lead normal lives. Early in the morning, go to the hospital or clinic, work every day, and arrive in the evening.Sometimes the doctors do their night shift. In an emergency or when a patient is hospitalized overnight, doctors get up to treat the patient or provide first aid.

You could say that the life of a doctor is very difficult. It’s not a bed of beds, it’s a bed of thorns. Because doctors cannot make patients suffer or make patients uncomfortable. Day and night, doctors represent their patients and do everything they can to bring them comfort and comfort.

They are not bothered by illness even when their work is busy. A good doctor is one who helps and heals patients, even when they are fast.

Doctors are good friends of patients and patients. They communicate well and are honest with their patients. Doctors always try to make their patients feel comfortable and at ease. He always had a smile on his face and was very kind to his patients.

Medical Scenario in our Country 

Indian medical cases are famous all over the world. Indian doctors have reached new heights abroad and abroad. However, looking at the home medical situation, it is very dangerous.

In other words, every competent and capable doctor has moved abroad in search of better careers and better facilities. Thus, we see that there is no point in living in a country suitable for people who are constantly growing. But the bright side shows how high Indian doctors are compared to doctors from other countries. Because Indiana has become a land of culture, its character has been deeply rooted in our culture. This has also happened in the national medical scenario.

Indian doctors are in great demand all over the world. Likewise, you can find many Indian doctors working in many countries. Needless to say, India is a bank of doctors. It has many medical schools and trains thousands of doctors every year. And our doctors work everywhere, from small towns to big cities.

In addition to homeopathic practitioners, there are doctors in India who practice Ayurvedic, Unani, and Homeopathic systems. These are very popular practices with no side effects. This is because they are so popular because they are all herbs.

Although treatment has improved, there are still bad practices that allow patients to receive the right treatment. Corruption has not escaped this area either.

India has a high illiteracy rate which causes people to deceive the public to make money. A lot of illicit and unfair treatment has taken place in India, which makes the country unsanitary.

In addition, the desire for money has claimed the lives of many patients. Hospitals misdiagnose patients and treat them incorrectly. This leads to negative results. Citizens lose confidence in the medical and medical community.

Therefore, it affects the reputation of the treatment. Doctors need to be more responsible and careful in the lives of their patients. The government must provide better public health care to close this gap. We also need to work together to help doctors work better.

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