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6 Best Popular Types Of online games In 2022

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Online gaming has skyrocketed ever since Covid-19 hit the world and lockdown was declared. Due to our confinement into four walls, we were introduced to several online games. Since then, even after two years, there has been a steady rise in the demand for online games. Online games like Poker, Rummy, Snake & Ludo, and many others gained attention. Certain online gaming platforms also allow you to earn money as well. In this article, we will tell you about the 6 best popular online games in 2022


The game Player’s Unknown Battle Ground or famously known as PUBG is one of the most popular online games of 2022. This game spread like wildfire over the net. The game was developed by the PUBG corporation. The makers have made the game available on all software consisting of Android, iOS, PC, and even XBOX. They launched this game in 2018 and ever since it has been downloaded by over 100 million players. And it didn’t stop there. The game is based on the armour and H1Z1 gaming modes. The players enjoy being in this game because they find realistic circumstances, great graphics, a map, and a mission assigned to them to accomplish. The game can usually accommodate up to 99 players. You can only win the game if you can survive and kill all the hidden adversaries. 


Apex Legends has received a steady attraction from the players over the years. It has managed to secure the top position in superhero-themed games. The creators at Respawn Entertainment developed this game. They have made the game available on platforms like Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox. In one month the game manages to get downloads from up to 50 million players. It was launched in 2019. In the game, you are in a team of six and three from each team remain on the island to scavenge for other supplies and weaponry to find against the other squads when the game starts. You win the game only when your squad has the most remaining number of players left.

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Minecraft is a worldwide famous game. The game is in a 3D sandbox gaming format. The game was designed by Mojang Studio. They made the game accessible on platforms like Microsoft Windows, Mac iOS, and Linux. It was launched in the year 2011 and since then it has been downloaded by over 95 million players. In order to win in the game, you as a player have to survive and build your own campus. However, you also need to take complete control over animal buildings, food resources, and people. The game also gives you a variety of modes like survival mode, adventure mode, creative mode, and spectator mode.


The game has managed to remain among the most played games over the years. This game was developed by Epic Games. They have made it available for Android, iOS, PC, and XBOX as well. It has over 45 million online players. It was launched in the year 2017 however it gained popularity in 2018. The game consists of features like equipment and several game levels along with allowing a high number of players. However, the game was only able to gain the attention of the male audience and not the female, unlike PUBG. 


COD or Call Of Duty has been one of the most famous games in the online gaming scene. The game was developed at the TiMi studios with the collaboration from Activision. It has over 15 million online players and was launched in 2019. However, the developers have only made it accessible to those who have Android software. It is the most recommended game if you are looking for both entertainment and a good challenge. 

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Online Poker

While all the above-mentioned games gain the attraction of the younger generation, games like Online Poker have also been able to gain good attention. Poker is a known game on the card games table. But today’s advanced technology has been able to get you at the table through your phone. You can play poker online as well. Not only that but you can also earn good money while playing it. Several reliable gaming platforms allow you to play poker while earning some money on the side. However, since this game requires skills and precision, you should know the premise of Poker very well before you start playing with real money. 

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