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‘365 Days: This Day’ Ending, Explained: Does Laura Die in ‘365 Days 2’?

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 Warning: This article contains some great 365 Day 2 spoilers . Read at your own risk.

 Netflix’s controversial Polish thriller series 365 Days is now airing and it’s more erotic and problematic than ever.

 Released few week on Netflix, 365 Days: This Day picks up where the first movie left off. Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) has recently married her dream captor Massimo (Michele Morrone), but the marriage is just beginning. What?! Isn’t a marriage built on literal kidnapping the foundation of a healthy relationship? A color that shocked me. But don’t worry, instead of open and honest communication, the newlyweds have a lot of kinky sex. We know you probably haven’t seen this movie because of the plot, so if you’ve lost the thread of what exactly happened, don’t worry. The decision is here to help. Continue reading 365 Days: Today’s Plot Summary and 365 Days: This Day Explained.


 Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) survives the attack in the tunnel at the end of the first film, but loses her unborn child. Her mob boss, kidnapper-turned-fiancée Massimo (Michele Morrone), does not know that Laura is pregnant. The two got married and had sex on their honeymoon. The only one who knows about Laura’s missing child is her friend Olga (Magdalena Lamparska), and Olga has recently been having sex with Massimo’s partner Domenico (Otar Saralidze). 

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After the honeymoon, Laura is soon overwhelmed by her role as a wife, while Massimo is no longer doing mafia stuff. Massimo insists on protecting her, but the relationship breaks up and Laura starts flirting with the sexy gardener Nacho (Simone Susinna). When Laura runs to her husband to make love to her ex Anna, he leaves her and lives with Nacho. But little did she know, it wasn’t her husband who had sex with Anna… her twin sister! Gray lilac whisper!


Anna, who thinks Massimo is cheating on her, begins a relationship with Nacho. In the short story, it turns out that Nacho is the son of the mafia boss Don Matos himself and one of Massimo’s opponents. Don Matos is the orchestrator of the tunnel attack at the end of the first film, and now he, Anna and Massimo’s twin brother Massimo are trying to hand over the mafia family business to his brother so they can control it more easily. 

. Nacho insists that even though he is lying to her about his identity, he really loves Laura. When Massimo refuses to hand over the family business to his brother, the brother and Anna kidnap Laura. Nacho and Massimo work together to rescue him. In dramatic slow motion, Anna shoots Laura in the side, Nacho shoots Anna in the chest, and Massimo shoots her brother in the shoulder. Nacho, unharmed, appears to shoot Massimo, but drops the rifle and walks away. Hands in the movie with Massimo holding Laura’s bloody body. 

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No. Although at the end of the first film the audience doubts whether Laura survived the attack on the tunnel, at the beginning of the sequel we see that she is safe and well. Movie number two seems to be doing a similar stunt – while Laura’s fate is unclear, those who have read Blanka Lipińska’s book series know that she will continue and return to 365 Days 3.


Yes! 365 Days 3 was filmed at the same time as 365 Days 2, so there is more to Laura and Massimo’s story. Read more here about what we know so far about the third 365 Days movie.

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