Daily Routine/Lifestyle of Warren Buffett :Morning, Afternoon

Warren Buffet is a man who doesn’t need Introduction The Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Hathaway is a successful man .On all fronts At 89 the true son of Nebraska is considered one of  the best investors, the world saw a regular guest to ban Wealthiest People magazine, has a net worth of 88.9 billion Dollars. Thanks to its conglomerate that it has more than 60 companies, how is it possible that a man can perform all these responsibilities if he needs an answer with us, we are opening the daily routine of the world’s ninth world .

Morning routine

Success is not coincidental, the philanthropist of business tycoon and super tycoon is a hell of an organized man, it is so organized that his best friend guesses who are the big boss bill gates, Oracha read 80 percent of his time. Devout Book. Lover and always protect this habit for the leg.

He wakes up at 6:45 hours every day. It is not so early, as the most successful people have been driving over the years that wake up at night, is not his cup of tea, I have no desire to work at 04:00 in the morning, he said that it is. . Because of its age but still its management method continues to improve

Warren works for about an hour and does not take breakfast at home, the super-investor of one billion dollars is a lifelong client at McDonald’s, has a regular menu here and decides which one is better to McDonald every day. . For breakfast, take five minutes to order two sausage empanadas and an egg or a cheese sandwich that you prefer to pay cash, so you tell your wife to place enough money for breakfast in the car before it comes out of a Braap . Eating as a six-year-old, I checked the actuarial table, the lowest mortality rate is among children of six years. It told him in an attempt to defend his eternal love for strawberry.

Warren is also a customer dedicated to one of the companies owned by Coca-Cola, every day take five cans of the liquor of McDonald’s billions of heads directly to the office work routine. The president and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway usually arrive in the office. At 9.3p.m, when the stock market is open, it is where your heart resides the stock markets that are not paid on one of its 20 pairs of packs made by the same designer Madame Lee, not for the reason why not I am good. “Don’t walk to your desk you’ve been using in the office for over 50 years, much of the time you spend reading reading every morning five newspapers starting with your favorite Omaha World-Herald Company who bought in 2011. He asked about his obsession with reading, he said he read 500 pages like this, since the knowledge accumulated as the compound interest, everyone can do it, but I do not guarantee that many of you will not. 

 Warren Lee and Lee, just send an email, it’s not time to look at his phone say that reading help him avoid business impulsive decisions, his reading material is being impressive. The newspapers and books that completely turn off his system read instincts of the doors and windows of television and some of the books that show their success to include the wealth of Adam Smith, the intelligent investor and the safety analysis in both Benjamin Graham Warren, and It is also not a big fan of meetings of the meeting place or does not give two options when I will first choose in the office to read the final option, will guess what you read

Bill Gates maybe his best friendly friend, but economically, but Warren has a sad story to count on Microsoft, he first sent an email in his life that ended in the Federal Court in 1997. His reaction was published in a Wall Street Journal article indicating the end of him, send emails at work, as indicated above, the strong long-term investment believer does not enjoy meetings at work and if you have to attend, The better it is will be very short and direct to the schedules that brand with your favorite snacks at the meetings, sweets and chocolates of Walnut Fudge. 

Routine after work

After a day that is reading and analyzing the behavior of the stock market, the legendary investment icon drives its former Cadillac DTS. Mr. Buffer is a man who likes to play and he is an avid bridge player who plays this game of Billonario. Gates is a game you can enjoy when you are in your 90 years and you see a different intellectual challenge every seven minutes, it’s the best exercise that existed by the brain that she said if you thought it Is just an ordinary game, so I just gave you because it is a limited cracker for critical thinkers.

The gem of Omaha worships this game so much that once lifted when I play a bridge and walk a naked woman. I don’t even see his billionaire as Hobby Warren in his spare time endorses ukulele. Work the business tycoon he likes to draw the ropes of this musical instrument. His relationship with the ukulele started again in a site, so trembled to a woman who once fell in love with a teenager who struggled a man who owned a year. The skills to play and acquire your account,

Unfortunately, the woman acted to sniff buffett to stay with her son, we all know that she has lost the opportunity of life, but I think they are the true options that have consequences. Thanks to his man behind the success of many companies is an expert player. From this choice of buttons. Sometimes buffett during meetings during interviews and conventions, Warren Buffett is not the whole kind of spending, the typical multi-millionaire type of any investor, your money only sees the daylight for luxury tweets.

I would prefer to donate the charity to buy a fleet of the expensive car and spend on beautiful mega multiple homes, I want to say that it is the guy who also enjoys his golf, but not at a Porsche -Gholf Club, can I be a member. of every golf club I want to be, but I prefer to play golf here with the people, I like it in the most elegant golf course in the world he told QA to think that the most expensive buffet company has to be the private beam What he bought for the good of constant business travels a fan of the whole life of Nebraska football Warren at the games when he is in a position. He loved this sport so much that he invented a competition among his employees. In 2014,

He challenges them to guess the 16 teams that will take part in the madness of the NCAA of the NCAA and for anyone who does it well, promises to pay a million dollars a year for the rest of his life, as we are now invoke a movement. Dance, unfortunately, no one even won the game in his six years of existence. The last day of the week that is Sunday, the magnate of the business developed a nice reflective pastime, treating a dozen children at an ice cream at Queen Dairy, who is part of his attractive investment network, most of them are their children. However, grandchildren and their friends complain that immediately after they got their orders, the children spend time hitting their heads on phones.

Warren loves his dream after a long day to play with numbers, at 10:00 to go to bed 10: 5 hours and continue that routine at bedtime is a decent dream and at home. 

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