Six Strategies / Advices on How to use Instagram Hashtags in 2021

  Hey, guys! So, as I promised, I’m going to share with you the Instagram hashtag strategies that I use and implement to my clients. If you want to know more about that ,just keep on reading. Just a disclaimer before I’m going to dive in with the strategies, I will let you know that  not all your posts will go viral. It’s because those content that goes viral, there is something to that content that makes it viral.  It’s not just because of the hashtags that they are using. 

Learn how to use Instagram hashtags in your marketing strategy. ... using hashtags can benefit you, now it's time to understand the best ways to use them.

Content Value :There are many factors that could affect whether your content will go viral or not. One factor is the content value. Is it informative? Is it shareable? Is it entertaining? Is it touching someone’s emotion? Or is it relatable to your target audience? So, it depends. If you don’t hit those points, it’s impossible for your content to go viral. Usually, if it’s informative or entertaining, if it’s touching someone’s emotion, especially if it triggers happy emotion or very sad or very personal,  very vulnerable to the writer or to the publisher,  those content usually go viral. And especially if it’s relatable to the target audience .So, that’s one thing, the content value. 

Caption: The second thing is about the caption. Is your caption engaging enough? Is your caption very well laid out in which your audience could really feel the message that you want to express?  

Graphics: the next one also is the graphics. Is the graphics good and catchy enough to make them click “See more” and read the whole caption as they see the graphics? 

Posting Time: are you posting it during your account’s peak hours and days? Because the engagement matters. In the first three hours of your posting time, do many people engage and see your post or none? It will affect the virality of your post. But there are also other factors that I will not mention anymore since the Instagram  often changes. And I also don’t know.  I am just adjusting based on the performance of the posts or the stories I’ve shared.

 The key here is to just try what strategies will work for you. But I will just share mine. You can try it if you want. If it doesn’t work for you, you can try other strategies as well. That’s the key. You just have to do a trial and error on what will and will not work for you. These strategies also may vary to other coaches. But feel free to try the strategies that you think will work for you. And if not, just adjust it. Try another strategy.  That’s how it is. We can’t foresee or know in advance the changes in the Instagram . So, there’s no other way out but just to do a trial and error. If it works, that’s good. But if not, just adjust. That’s just how it is. 

 1. Hashtags To Use

The first question that I’m going to answer that you frequently ask me is what type of hashtags you are going to use for your Instagram hashtag strategy. I recommend you to use hashtags that most of your ideal clients are using. The second one is the hashtags for your products or for your service, and a branded hashtag. For example, here’s what you are going to do if you are going to check the hashtags that your ideal clients are using. Open at least 10 Instagram profiles of your ideal clients. Check the hashtags that they are using on their Instagram posts. And then, choose the hashtags they commonly use. Put it on a Spreadsheet. 

And later, we will do something about that. And also, as I have said, for the hashtags for your service or your products, use 10 to 15 hashtags, or maybe 10 to 20 if you don’t have a branded hashtag. But I would recommend you to use branded hashtags. I will explain later what branded hashtag is. For example, you are a Social Media Manager and you are talking about social media marketing, you just have to be more specific like #socialmediamarketingtips or #socialmediastrategies. Those kinds of hashtags that are not macro. I will also talk more about the macro hashtags and the micro hashtags later. The last thing that I have said to you is use a branded hashtag. 

Branded hashtag is the unique tag you use for your brand. For example, I use #bossedupph. Most of my content has bossedupph tag. That means it’s the tag that I’m always using.  And some of you guys are also using that one, especially if you are featuring us, the Bossed Up PH.  If I’m going to click that one, I will get to see who also uses Bossed Up PH hashtag. And that’s a branded hashtag ,the unique hashtag that only you use. For example, you have an event. Then, you will be using a unique hashtag specific for that event only, so that’s what we call branded hashtags. I would highly recommend putting at least 3 or 2 or 1 branded hashtags. We are allowed to put 30 hashtags in one post. You can maximize that one to get the full range that Instagram could reach. And so if you could maximize and optimize your post, then do it. 

2. Avoid Using Macro Hashtags

The second thing that I’m going to share with you is that you should avoid using macro hashtags.  I already mentioned this one earlier. These hashtags have a huge number of users. Therefore, if you are going to type #cute,many people are already using that tag. Avoid using that if you have a small account. Avoid using macro hashtags because your post will just get covered by recent posts  as many users are posting and using that kind of hashtag. If you are going to use that, you will just get likes from the bots, and many dummy accounts will follow you. So, we don’t want that to happen because they are not your targeted clients, right? That is just good for vanity metrics. But it’s just good temporarily because they are not really your prospect clients. And we don’t want to attract people or accounts who are not our ideal clients or ideal customers, right? So, avoid using macro hashtags and be more specific on your hashtags. 

3. Avoid Using Spam Hashtags

 The third thing is that  avoid using spam tags.  Those tags like #followforfollow, #likeforlike #f4f, and such. Avoid using that because just the same with using macro hashtags, it will just invite bots, dummy accounts and accounts that are not really interested in the content that you are going to share.  So, avoid those. It negatively affects our analytics. And we want followers and engagers who are real people and are really interested in what we can offer to them. 

4. Combination of the Volumes of  hashtags Users

For the fourth strategy that I’m going to share with you is the combination of the volumes of the hashtags. If that makes sense. If you are going to search the hashtags, you will see the number of users who used that hashtag. That’s what I mean by the combination of hashtags. This is the kind of combination that works for my clients, so far. This is what I implement. And this is very controversial because different coaches have different suggestions with regards to the  combinations of the hashtags that you are going to use. But this one works well with my clients. You can try finding the sweet combination for your clients or may be for your own account. My main point here is that I’m avoiding using macro hashtags since most of my clients are start-up businesses. I’m just adjusting it.  If it doesn’t work anymore, I will use another set of hashtags and so on. 

5. Create a Set of Hashtags per Topic

The fifth strategy that I’m going to share with you is that make a set of hashtags based on the topics that your client is posting. For example, your client is a personal development coach.  So, maybe sometimes, he or she is posting more on self-care, so that’s another set of hashtags for self-care. And then, some of the posts may talk about productivity. So, another  set of hashtags for productivity. For example, your client is an Instagram coach. So, she or he will talk about the Instagram ads, another set of hashtags for that. Maybe he or she will post about Instagram reels and how to use it. Another set of hashtags for that. And every time you are going to reuse it, for example, Monday, it’s about Instagram reels. Then the next Monday ,it’s also about Instagram reels again,  you have to shuffle the hashtags. Shuffling the hashtags may help you avoid getting shadow banned. Shadow banned means your post will not be visible to other users.  

6. Hashtags Research Generation

The sixth strategy that I’m going to share with you is the hashtag research. So, now, you already have the idea of what type or what kind of hashtags you are going to use. Now, you are probably thinking about what hashtags you could use. We can use a tool. Ingramer .com I will put a link below so that you can just click that. And basically, it will just generate the possible hashtags that you can use. The volume size of the users is also indicated there. You just have to sign up. After generating all the sets of hashtags that you need per topic, now, you have to check if the hashtags are  banned or not. You can use for you to see if it’s banned or not. 

You can just paste there all the hashtags that you have and then it will show the banned hashtags and please don’t use that one. Actually, it will not get posted .I’ve tried to use it but it doesn’t get posted. We don’t want that to happen.  So, just please check this demo to see how it works. . And then, after checking if the hashtags are all good and you have already removed the banned hashtags, then now, please do check the typos. If there’s a spelling error, it will not get posted to your specific target traffic. And the fourth thing that you should remember, every time you are going to reuse the hashtags, you can reshuffle using the And I will also put the link down below so you just can just click it. For this tool, it will shuffle the old set of hashtags that you’ve used. For example, we already copied the 30 hashtags and we will just have to paste it here. And then, just click “Do the Shuffle” So, here’s your new set of hashtags.  Just the same hashtags in a different order. 

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