LinkedIn Features: 4 LinkedIn Secrets features You MUST Use!

  There are some things you can be doing it that will make you stand out on LinkedIn because barely anyone is doing them stick around because one of these things will be a real game-changer for you. To speed up your job search and land that new job. I want to share with you some features on LinkedIn that are available only on the mobile app so if you haven’t already download the app onto your mobile device and be sure to read this article because I’ll be sharing a secret that will give you an advantage on LinkedIn because most people don’t know .you can do this, I was shook when I discovered this one, ok let’s get into it.

LinkedIn Features: 4 LinkedIn Secrets features  You MUST Use!

1. find nearby feature

The first thing I want to show you is a feature that will make it easier for you to grow your network is  the find nearby feature helps you to find other LinkedIn members that are currently close by. Now be sure to turn on your Bluetooth and then go into the mobile app. so let’s go back into the mobile app and what you’re going to do is scroll down to the my network and click on this icon here find nearby , then you’re going to select the find nearby option and what happens is anyone else who has selected this option their profile is going to show up at your end and your profile will show up at their end and then you can very quickly connect with one another. This is a really good feature to use at conferences or even at social events if you want to just quickly make a new connection and you can walk them through. how to get there and connect very easily.

2. Quick Response Code

Now another way that you can quickly connect with people on LinkedIn mobile is to use the quick response code. let’s go ahead and go back and click on this icon again and this time select the scan a QR code and what you’re going to end up with is a camera this is actually a camera I’ve got my thumb over my camera because I have an extremely messy desk at the moment and I don’t want you to see it so what you’re gonna have. Here is actual a camera then you can use this to scan somebody else’s code and then also what you can do is you can click on this my code option and it’s going to bring up your unique quick response code. You can either share your code with others ,you can save it to your photos so you can grab it easily next time although I think it’s pretty easy to get to I’m just right out of LinkedIn and you can have somebody scan your code right there to make a connection. Most people I’ve shown this feature to don’t know about it so when you show this to others they’ll not only be impressed with your mastery of LinkedIn but they’re going to appreciate that you shared this feature with them as well.

3. Voice Messaging

Now the third  thing I want to show you and encourage you to start using is voice messaging instead of text messaging. A recruiter or a hiring manager or a prospect make it more personal and voice message then.  now I guarantee this will set you apart because nobody is doing this, so you’ll click on your messaging icon here and search for the connection that you want a message. Now when you’re ready hold down this microphone and record your message, now you are limited to a one minute message so be sure to keep it short.  now once you’re finished release the microphone and you can either cancel if you want to re-record it or click send to send the voice message.  now if you’re really feeling confident and want to make an even more personal connection. You can send a video message click on this plus sign and select video reverse your camera and then you can click the record button to start recording.  

One thing I want to point out to you is when you are recording a video message you’re going to be inclined to want to look at yourself.  now if I’m gonna look at myself right here I’m looking like this now this is not the way I want to connect if I want to connect to somebody what I want to do is I want to look right into the camera and I want to give them my message seems awkward feels awkward but it’s gonna make a much bigger impact. if you’re looking at the camera as opposed to your screen and looking at yourself okay just want to make sure I pointed that out .okay so once you have reversed your camera go ahead and click on the record button and start recording now you can record up to two minutes but I wouldn’t use all that just keep your message short and when you’re done stop the recording and send it or you can click the X to rerecord. This is an effective way to reach out to people in a much more personal manner than just a text message and remember eyes on the camera and not on your screen. 

4. Add More Keywords in Headline

 Now this last feature I’m going to show you is one that I discovered kind of by accident and I have yet to talk to someone who knows about this. This is your game changer so if you don’t do any of the other features that I’ve discussed at least do this one because what this is is a one-and-done task that is going to deliver results for you because it’s going to provide you with amore effective headline, so if you are on desktop you’re limited on your headline to 120 characters. See once I reach that limit I can’t add any more keywords but what most people don’t know is that if you’re on the mobile app, you can add more text to your headline this means more keyword opportunities for you ,so here’s what you do. let’s go ahead and save this.

 Then let’s go to the mobile app and add more keywords so you can see that’s the same verbiage that was on my desktop. Now let’s add to it let’s finish out branding and I’m also a CPA and job search strategist and what else how about all-around nice person.  I’m going to save it, now I have a much longer headline with more keywords as well as a bit of my personality now this is right at about 180 characters which is way over the 120 character limit that you have on desktop. Now I wouldn’t go much longer than this this is pretty wordy but being able to add a few more keywords to your headline is going to increase the optimization of your headline which will in turn increase your ranking and search results when are cruiser or a hiring manager or even a prospective. 

 Client searches using the serious keywords.  okay let’s go back to the desktop I’m going to refresh my screen and there it is the longer headline will show up on desktop even though it originally wouldn’t allow me to edit it there this is an easy way for you to increase your messaging and leverage additional keywords in your headline and I am confident that the vast majority of your competition does not know about this one. So get your headline updated and start using the other mobile features.

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