10 step Strategies on How to GROW on INSTAGRAM in 2021for free | Organic Growth on Instagram

  Hello Boss babes and Bosses out there! Today  In this article, I’m going to share with you the organic growth tips for Instagram. Actually, to be honest, I’ve implemented a lot of strategies and growth tips  based from what I’ve learned from other coaches and from YouTube. And these tips that I’m going to share with you are the effective strategies that gave results to my client’s accounts and even to our Bossed Up high  professional  account. So if you want to know what are the growth tips that are effective, keep on reading.

10 step Strategies on How to GROW on INSTAGRAM in 2021for free  | Organic Growth on Instagram

 Just a disclaimer. I always, s preach that vanity metrics are not that important. We should not look at how many followers that we have and we should focus more on the percentage of the engagements that we have on our social media accounts. But, however, these metrics can help us know if the content we put out for our audience is relatable. And this is also a perfect way for us to know in which area we have to adjust. Do we have to adjust our time of posting? Do we have to adjust our topics? Do we have to adjust the type of hashtags we are using? And so on. We could know those by looking at the metrics. But again, it’s not really important how many followers you have. I already talked about this in this video. So maybe if you have time after this ,read this article here. But before I’m going to share with you the growth tips that you can implement to your account or maybe to your client’s account, I want you to understand first that the Instagram has an algorithm.

 And from time to time, it changes. But as of now, there’s one very consistent thing in the algorithm of Instagram. There’s just one goal and it’s about building connections, building community, building engagements, building communication, building relationship. There’s really a lot. I mean more on engagement, more on building relationships with other accounts or other people. More on authenticity, more on storytelling.  The more you can interact, the more you can engage with other accounts, the more you are likely to be pushed on Instagram’s explore page and on the top posts among the content within the hashtags that you are using. They want people to engage and interact with each other. So more likely, that’s where my tips will be coming from. Let’s start. 

Step 1. Optimize your Instagram account 

First is  You will just have to optimize your Instagram account first. You have to optimize your bio, your name, your profile picture, your feed, your stories. It’s better if it’s organized. And if you don’t know how to optimize a profile account, read this article here.. And she gave a walkthrough on how you are going to optimize your Instagram account. That is very helpful. You can read that after this article for you to do our Step 0 if you have not yet optimized your Instagram account. 

Step2. Create Valuable and Informative Content For Shares and saves.

The second growth step is to create a content that is so valuable and informative to your prospective clients. In this part, we should not sell yet. But I will still encourage you to put a call-to-action .But not the promotional type of call-to-actions. Those types of call-to-actions where you just ask their opinion, ask their experiences for this and that. No selling yet. Our goal here is awareness. Okay? Why I ask you to create a valuable or informative content? It’s because now, we are not going to aim for likes and comments. But we aim for shares and saves. 

I know, those four: likes, comments, shares, and saves. They are all engagement metrics. But then, anyone can like your post. Anyone can comment on your post.  But only those who are really interested in your post will save and share your content. If they can relate to it, they will share it. If they find it valuable and informative, they will save it so that they can easily access it  the next time they want to check the information that you have just shared. Before, comments and likes are already good vanity metrics. But now, it has changed already. We are now going to aim for shares and saves. Because those people are actually our targeted audience.

Step3. Optimize Graphics

 The third  growth step is that since we are aiming for saves and shares, we are now trying to create valuable contents. So we are going to create content like this one. Because no one is really going to save content with a picture only just like this one. Unless the caption is giving informative and valuable content. For example, this one. People are saving it even though it’s just a photo of me. Therefore, my post caption is valuable. Because they are saving it even it’s a photo of me. But look at this one. People are more likely to save a post if I put “Save For Later” Sample is this one. Did you see the difference? People are more likely to save a post if it’s informative and there is a call-to-action within the graphic.

 It’s like for them to not forget to save the post, you have to remind them. “Hey, save this for later.” I promise, it works.  Well, it works on our end. Try that as well. And also, if you have a long caption ,since Instagram has characters limit for that, you can just put the caption in the graphics instead. So that you can just post a short caption. And that is also a good, good way to save caption characters and it’s actually easier for the audience to just swipe the images rather than reading long captions. And that’s a very, very good way on how you are going to maximize the media or the graphics  that you are going to put on your Instagram account.  And so that they will just swipe and swipe to see the message that you want them to read. And for the caption, you can just put a very quick call-to-action or conclusion about the content in your graphics.

Step4. Write a Catchy First Liner

 The forth growth step is  that I want to share with you is  when you write a caption on your Instagram account ,make sure that the first liner of that caption is catchy enough  for them to click “Read more”. Because again, the algorithm of Instagram always tracks everything. When you click “More”, when you like something, when you visit an account profile, when you watch their stories. As in, everything .Every activity you do is being tracked by Instagram. Because that is their way to know the type of content that you are looking for, what are the type of content that you are interested with. 

 Have you noticed? Every time you visit a profile, maybe your friend’s profile that you follow, after visiting that profile, you often get to see their incoming posts on your feed. It’s because Instagram sees that. “Oh, he or she visited this profile account.”  So, more likely, you are interested to get more information about that person or about that profile. Instagram pushes that profile to appear on your feed. Even in your DMs. As Instagram tracks that you are chatting ,once they post something, it appears on your feed. You often get to see their stories.  

And it’s because everything is being tracked by Instagram and that is because of the algorithm that they are implementing to their platform. The main point is to have a catchy first-liner for them to click “Read More” on your post. When they click “Read More”, it means they are interested in your post. They are interested in the content you have posted. Instagram could track it. “Oh, they clicked Sui’s post.” More likely, my next post will appear in your feed. Everything that appears on your feed is due to your engagements or activities tracked by Instagram. 

Step5. Implement Hashtags

The next growth step is  that I want you to know is to implement hashtags. I don’t want to talk more about the hashtags already because I already have a article  for that. So, read  this article  here. I talked about why hashtags are so important, why you need to implement it, and how you are going to implement it.  Implement the right hashtags, pick the best hashtags for your niche. 

Step6. Know the Best Time to Post

The next growth step  is to make sure to know when is the best time to post.  You can see it in the analytics. In the analytics, you get to see what’s the best time and days to post. At least, get the top three best times and days and focus on that. If you are not willing to always post per day ,at least get the top three days with high engagement rates. Focus posting on those days.  But some other people would really, really love to be consistent and they want to have a daily posting on their Instagram account. Then that’s great. Just make sure that if you will do that, you can sustain it.  Post every day. Because you know, it’s better to post at least twice a week in a consistent basis. Every week for one whole year, you post twice. Rather than posting seven times a week but after two months, you don’t have even a single post. Consistency is a must. The frequency is not that so important. 

Step7. Engage With Other Instagram Users 30 minutes before and  after Posting

So now, the next growth step  is based on the previous hacks. Let’s say you already have content to post. Before you are going to post that, make sure to engage first with other people on Instagram. Followers or non-followers, engage with them at least 30 minutes before you are going to post your content. After posting, engage again. What engagement do I mean? Engage before and after posting. It’s because it’s a nice strategy. As you engage with them, they will think, “Oh, what’s up with him/her now?” “Does he/she has a new post or update?” Something like that. It will trigger them to visit your account. Or if you have engaged with their account, comment or DM, more likely, your new post would appear on their feed. That’s the reason why you have to engage before and after posting. At least 30 minutes.30 minutes before and 30 minutes after. Because that first hour after posting is so crucial. That is going to be the basis of Instagram as to where they should show your content more.

1. Reply comments and DMs

 The first engagement I was talking about earlier is that you should reply to the previous comments on your account. Or maybe, you can also reply to the DMs you haven’t replied to yet. In that way, you could remind them “Hey, I’m here.” So, that’s one way.

2. Engage with Their Stories

 The next one is to visit their stories. Authentically engage to their stories if they have uploaded one.  The more Instagram can see that you are interacting with those people, the more they will likely push your content to that people as well so that they can see your post on their feed. Engage to their stories and posts. Leave a comment if you have something to say about their post. Avoid leaving spam and generic comments like three emojis. Sometimes, I also do that because I can’t say anything and I really, really want to hype that person because I am really such a person that wants to hype others. “Okay, go. You do more.” “You do more. That’s great.” “You’re doing great. You do more.” “Show up more. “”Do this more.” Something like that type of vibe. 

3. Share your Post to Your IG Stories 

And the third thing, after posting your post, share it to your IG story. That is a very, very big way for them to see the content you have posted. If they have not seen it on their feed, at least they can saw it on IG story. And if you are going to share the posts that you have created, tease it. You may tease them about what you have posted. You may cover it with a smiley or a sticker  or maybe you can put a very intriguing caption. Something like that. Tease it. Or maybe you are going to put an element there like polls or questions together with your shared post on your stories. Something like this. It’s a very great way to push your stories more if you are using elements on Instagram that is good for engagement like questions, polls, location, and such elements where other accounts can engage to your story. Instagram favors it more compared to just purely image or video. That’s that.

Step8. Follow Niche Related Hashtags

 The next growth step that I’m going to share with you is to follow niche hashtags and engaged with their content, especially with the recently posted content. Again, I would really recommend leaving a very authentic comment on their posts. I don’t encourage you to just comment something like “I love it!” or just heart or wink emojis. Avoid those. Contribute to their conversation or what. Just really say something authentic from the caption or from the picture. That’s a very good way for them to visit your profile and check what is your account all about. That is one way on how they can explore more or how they can see your page. 

Step9. Increase the Click Through Rates of Your Stories 

The next growth step is to increase the click-through rate of your stories. What do I mean by click-through rate? What I mean is engagement. So, how you are going to create that or how you are going to ask people to engage with you? It’s just simple. Just ask them. That’s it. Ask them to engage with you. In your stories, to get their attention, put something that is so creative or entertaining. If you want them to interact or engage with you, put elements like a poll, question, quiz, and such. It also depends on your brand. If you are selling a product or maybe you are selling services, or maybe a personal brand, and such. The type of content would vary but I would highly encourage that if you will use your stories, use it to build relationships, use it to build trust.  Because if they will trust you, they are more likely to engage with you, and they will more likely hit you on the DM, send you a message, interact with your poll, story elements and so on. And that’s one thing Instagram favors to more likely push your stories at the top of the feed as it tracks that your story has many engagements. That’s the goal. So that your story could have more views and interactions.

Step10. Build a profile on other Social Media Accounts

 The last one but not the least growth step is  that I’m going to share with you is to have other social media accounts that will push your audience there to your Instagram account. And when I say another social media accounts, I’m not just talking about Facebook. What I mean is that focus more on YouTube,  ,or Pinterest. YouTube and Pinterest are not just merely social media accounts but also a search engine. Because they rely more on keywords and tags that you are using. The same with  they are pushing content on your feed even you are not following them. They are just basing on the hashtags you are searching or the trending hashtags on your home. It’s really a good organic traffic. Once an audience follows you or views your video ,and you also point out “Hey, follow me on my Instagram account.” That is a free traffic already to your Instagram. 

The same with YouTube. When they search for something like “How to become a social media manager?” One of the results that would appear is my video and if they watch it, it’s automatically free traffic to my Instagram account once they see that “Oh, I can follow her on Instagram.” As I have featured my Instagram account in my YouTube video. So that’s also a free traffic for Instagram. The same also with Pinterest. You know what? Pinterest is good for featuring a blog post and such. If you don’t have a blog or a website, instead of putting the link redirecting to anywhere or you don’t put a link at all on that specific picture, put your Instagram link instead. That’s a great way on how you are going to grow your Instagram account through the other social media platforms. Again, not just the normal social media platforms but those platforms that rely on keywords and tags  and they are providing organic traffic to your content on those platforms. 

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