10 Social Media Content Ideas To Boost Engagement in 2021| Grow your Business and Brands

  Hello, Boss babes and Bosses .I super miss doing this, guys. And I super miss you all. This content will be part of the social media series that we have. You are all asking me what are the content ideas that you can post to your social media accounts or to your client’s account. So, this article is about that. But before I’m going to share all the content ideas that I have for you, guys, I’ve listed ten content ideas. So, hopefully, this will be a really juicy one.. Hopefully, that would be helpful for you to replicate it to your social media account or your client’s social media accounts. Before I’m going to dive in,  Just by seeing your output, I can really say that you are really on the right track because you are taking action on the things you want to achieve and learn. If you want to learn more about content ideas, then keep on reading. 

10 Social Media Content Ideas To Boost Engagement in 2021| Grow your Business and Brands

Byers Journey Stages: Before I’m going to share with you the ten content ideas, . I want you to know the buyer’s journey stages. Why do we need to know the buyer’s journey stages? I’ve mentioned before in my previous article that if you are going to create content, if you are going to create a post,  you should have a specific person in mind that would relate to your post so that it will be more effective and it will be more relatable. There’s a big chance that it will convert into sales or  you’ll be able to monetize your posts on your social media accounts. Because that is our purpose, To have someone who can relate, engage or buy our service or our products. 

So, there are three major buyer’s journey stages. The first one is awareness, the second one is consideration and the third one is conversion. So, what are these three stages? Before, when I started social media management ,I really don’t know that there’s such a thing. And I really don’t know that what I’m posting should be based on these three. I will just explain this one in a very simple way that even kids can relate to, I mean even non-tech savvy people. I will just try my best, okay? 

 Awareness:  For the awareness stage, you as the business owner should research about the problems your target audience is experiencing. This means that you will have to introduce your company or your brand to them that you can help them. You have to be aware of their struggles and they also have to be aware that you are there and you could help them. 

Consideration:  For the consideration stage, this is the time where you are going to introduce to them the answer or solution to their problem. Like maybe you are going to introduce an app or maybe a tool, or maybe your products or your services. Introduce to them how it could help them or how they can benefit from your services or products. Here’s where you are going to build your relationship with your prospect clients. You should get their trust in this stage. You should make them aware that you are good at this or your product is high-quality because it would be easier for the next stage which is the conversion stage to be easier for you. If you have build trust, if you have built a good relationship with your prospect customer,  it would be just so easy to close a deal. 

Conversion: Now, for the conversion stage, this is where you really pitch your products or services to your prospective clients or customers. Like some of the business partners or entrepreneurs are giving sales, off, discounts, promos, or free shipping if you are talking about physical products. That’s what they do to encourage customers to immediately buy their products or services. Some also put an urgency, urgency type-of-thing like “This discount is just until November 30.” “This product is just limited. If you want to grab yours, grab it now because it will be out-of-stock soon.” That’s that for the conversion. I hope I was able to explain it well and you understand. 

Content ideas that you can post to your social media accounts 

1. Personal Information 

So, yeah. Let’s go now to the ten content ideas. For the first content idea that you can share to your social media account or maybe to  your client’s social media account is personal information.  I have this here. This is a personal post. I’m just talking here about the ten facts about me. Most of the clients or the customers, they would love to know more about you, who  they work with, what do they usually do, or even just some personal information. You can share that on your social media. It’s really a good way to get their attention and trust. It would really help you build your brand if they will know more about you.

2. Personal  or Brand’s Journey

 For the second content idea, you can share your personal journey or your brand’s journey. Like “from zero to hero”, from the start of your journey to what you are now and what you’ve achieved, so far. So, you can also share that one. A lot of customers and clients would also love to know about your journey along the way. I have a sample here .From zero to hero kind of content. . So, yeah. That’s the second content idea that you could share, your journey. Even if it’s just a very small win. It’s not really necessary that you share great wins. A very small win every day, you can share that one. And it will inspire other people without you knowing. 

3. Share Small/ Big Wins

For content idea number three, you can share achieving milestones, especially if you’ve reached 500 followers or maybe 1000 followers or likes. Something like those. You can share that as well. I know, guys, some of you will just say it’s just a number, it’s not really a big deal. But, oh come on, guys.500 is 500, 1000 is 1000. Just earlier, I just thanked you, guys, for helping me reach 8000 subscribers. So, yeah. I have a sample post here. This is when I hit 6000 subscribers. Thank you so much. I had a giveaway on my 6000 and 7000 milestones. I’m not sure if you have seen that one. So, that’s that. That’s my content idea number three. 

4. Drop Value Bomb Posts

For the content idea number four is that you should be dropping value bombs. You create a content that is informative.  Maybe a trivia or quick tips about your services or your products. That would be a very good content for the consideration stage so that you can build trust with your prospective customer or client. The more they could see that you are knowledgeable on that service or on that product, the easier for you to get their trust. They can see that this is useful for them ,that’s why they hit save. I have many samples of dropping value bombs. Go to Billionairesmind.in . The contents here were created by my interns. A lot of value bombs. All of these are value bombs. So, you can check this out. There are lots of value bombs here that are so useful. So, yeah. Check this out.

5. Calling out Mistakes and Misconceptions Posts

 For the content idea number five, calling out the mistakes and misconceptions in your industry. If you can see something that isn’t right like myths, you can call out that one and post something about that.  In that way, they could easily see that you are really an expert because  you can see the mistakes other people are doing. And they could easily understand, “Oh, so this is the right thing to do.” So, I have a sample here.  

6. lesson learned Posts

For the content idea number six, it’s posting about the lesson learned from yourself or from other people. So, for example. This is a lesson learned from myself. Like this one, “Don’t sacrifice quality in a place of hunger for growth.” I shared this  about me running a business, a Virtual Agency business,  and to really stick to what I’m good at so that I won’t get problems in handling teams and handling clients. My point here in this lesson learned post is to just stick to what you’re good at and just focus  before you are going to scale up. And I also have another lesson learned that I shared on my Ig is  just recently. I shared there  in my “Today’s Reflection” post, I got this lesson from Jay Shetty.

 I posted in our group and it triggered a negative vibe inside the group. It’s not negative, though. I just don’t like someone being bashed in my group without really knowing the whole story. My main content here is that I just said that we don’t have the right to judge other people in just one bad circumstance  in their lives, or the scenario or just in one season of their lives, especially if we don’t  really know them personally. Maybe we just knew them because we saw them on social media. So, we don’t have the right to judge. We don’t know the real reason why he or she  did that or whatnot. So, that’s the main point here. It’s not good to judge immediately. I would highly recommend that you watch YouTube videos and listen to the podcast  of Jay Shetty. For sure, you are on your journey as well. And then, from time to time, you will learn something new. You can share that because more likely, someone will relate to that.

7. Collaboration with Other Experts Post

 For the content idea number seven, you can collab with other experts. Like those informative Collab’s that could give value to your audience. For example, me, I had a collab with Gel, Eunice, Lou, and Cenry. And I’m so happy.  I always receive messages that they are learning a lot from these four people. Actually, I already have a list for another guests that I can interview who could help you when it comes to working from home. Tune in always. 

I already have the list and I’ll just have to schedule when they are available for an interview. You can create a post, even not in a video form, even on the stories, you can ask maybe one of your expert friends, “Hey! Can you make a post?”  “And I will share it to my story and then tag you. We’ll do cross-posting. I will also create a post for your story.” “You can share it on your story and then you can just tag me so that we can have a cross-posting.” “So that your audience can see me and my audience can see you.” “Then, they could follow me and my followers could follow you since we do have the same niche.”

8. Repurposed Content Posts

 For content idea number eight, you can share repurposed content from a rich content or the main content. It’s either from your blog, from your vlog, from your webinar if you are creating webinars or something like that. Maybe your clients also have a webinar, mini-tutorials, and such, you can post that as a repurposed content. If it’s a video, you can create a blog for it. If it’s a video, you can cut clips from it. If it’s a video, you can also transcribe it and put it to your blog. The main is that from the main content, from a rich content, you will create a mini version of it. 

You will just cut a clip that is still informative even if it’s just that clip.  And also, my interns are creating repurposed content. These contents are created by my interns. I’m not doing this one. They are just read my articles and getting the main content, main topic, or main idea from that. And then, they are posting it as a post, not a video. That’s also a good way of creating content. If you’re running out of content ideas, you can do that. 

9.  Testimonials/Feedbacks and Review Posts

For the content idea number nine, this is a good one for the conversion stage because you are going to share the testimonials and feedbacks from your clients or maybe your customers. When we are purchasing online, we always check the reviews first. That’s also one thing I do to my clients in my previous business. I always make sure that every time I have a sale,  I will really ask my customer, “If you can give feedback and you can take a picture of your purchase and give a feedback on our page.” “Just an honest feedback if you liked it or not, or if you see something we can improve, just post it on our social media.” “Because it will really help a lot to our future buyers.” Even in my freelancing business, if my clients give feedback, I always post it on my social media accounts, especially on my Instagram account because this is also my online portfolio as well. 

And they can check it here. I’m posting it on my stories. Most of my clients, if they have good feedback, I always share it here on my stories so that the prospect clients can  also see it and they can say, “Oh, her works are good. Many are satisfied with her works.” And yeah, they can just check it there. , I’m just also taking a screenshot of the feedback of my Boss babes and Bosses, you, guys. Boss babes and Bosses telling what they can say on the contents and how it helped them. I’m posting it here not just for me, it’s not for bragging. It’s so that other people can also see, “Okay, his content is nice, his service is nice.”  Something like that. It’s not for bragging. Actually, it’s for my next clients in the future to see on how I work. 

10. Pitch/sell Your Product or Services

For the content idea number ten, pitch your service and products. So, if you are going to create a post in which you pitch your service or products  so that your customers will buy, make sure you will indicate how it can help them, what benefit they can get, and make sure to give freebies or a discount. And create an urgency like “You know what? If you are going to buy this product this week or this day, I will give you this one.” The more irresistible your product and pricing are, the more you could get clients or sell your products. So, that’s that. For example, I’m promoting a video that I will publish, I make sure that it’s indicated in the caption what they will learn, and what they can expect. So, that’s how you are going to create a post that pitch your services or products to your target clients or target customers. I hope, guys, you learned a lot from all the content ideas that I have shared with you. 

Thank You Guys

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