Six Successful Methods On how to sell on Pinterest | Best Types of Pins to Use on Pinterest

  Facebook and Instagram are not the only social networks platform  suitable for advertising. Did you know that 93% of active users use Pinterest to plan purchases? In this article, we’ll talk about the most effective pin types you can use to attract buyers. I will also share a few tips from our team on how to sell on Pinterest more.  Most online store owners advertise products on Facebook and Instagram, but don’t underestimate other platforms. If you know how to sell on Pinterest, you can get great results.

Six  Successful Methods On how to sell on Pinterest | Best Types of Pins to Use on Pinterest

 Pinterest doesn’t have as many users as Facebook. However, Pinterest users are more likely to buy the stuff they see in their feeds. In other words, they tend to convert better. Besides, Pinterest is geared toward visual content, which is great for businesses selling clothes, accessories, and similar things. Now, let’s start with the types of pins available to you, because pins are what this social media is based on. Then, we will discuss how to set up your account for the maximum result. After that, we will take a look at what Pinterest found in their research about how to be successful on the platform. We tried these tips for ourselves, and they are actually quite good! 

Best Pin Types to Use

Rich Pins 

These pins were designed specifically for business purposes. When you create such a pin, you can provide extra information about the product, such as price, material, availability, etc. So, these pins work like tiny product pages. They are free and they automatically show up in the feeds of your followers. To add a Rich Pin to your account, you should mark up your product with meta tags, add the URL of the page to the Rich Pin validator tool, and click the ‘Apply’ button. 

Buyable Pins

As I mentioned, Pinterest users often browse this social platform to find stuff to buy. Pinterest created Buyable Pins for precisely this reason. Unlike other pins, these have a ‘Buy It ’button, so that users can purchase the item right away. Unfortunately, this feature only works for US residents. The easiest way to create Buyable Pins is through the Pinterest Save browser extension. I’ll add a link to this tool in the description below the article in case you need it. 

Promoted Pins

If you want to reach a wider audience, get new followers, and raise sales, use Promoted Pins. They are a great tool for attracting Pinterest users to your account or website. Besides, they’re quite easy to set up.

‘Shop the Look’ Pins

 Instagram lets you add price tags to your posts, as you may have seen. You can do the same thing on Pinterest with ‘Shop the Look’ Pins! With these pins, you can share attractive pictures and sell your products without irritating users. They typically generate twice as many clicks as regular pins, so make sure you use them to the fullest. These are the most useful pin types for an online business. However, if you’ve been in e-commerce for long enough, you probably already know that advertising alone is not enough to really drive sales. 

Keys to sell on Pinterest more efficiently

Here are a few tips on how to sell on Pinterest more efficiently that we have gathered from our own experience. 

1. Take care of Your Pinterest Profile

 First of all, if you want to sell on Pinterest, make sure you have a business account, not a personal one. Having a Business account will give you access to more specific features that you’ll need as a drop shipping entrepreneur, such as analytics. It will also give you an opportunity to link your store to the account, which is important if you plan to use all the wonderful features we mentioned before. If you already started your store’s account as a personal one, don’t worry: it’s easy to convert it into a Business account. Make sure to optimize your account’s bio ,place your store’s logo as the profile photo, and provide contact information so your customers can find it easily. Once these things are done and your account is ready, you should claim your website. Pinterest offers a simple step-by-step guide which you can google easily.

2. Post a Lot and Post regularly

 It’s also important to be active on Pinterest. To make the most out of your presence on the platform, make a content plan and always prepare for seasonal events in advance. As Pinterest researchers say, properly timed posts can raise your sales by up to 20%. Pinterest itself recommends making at least one post a day. Moreover, you should try to interact with other people: comment on other accounts’ pins, re-pin other users’ pins, and so on. Do everything you can to be noticed. Post often and regularly. If that sounds like too much effort, consider automating the posting process. 

You can use various scheduling and promoting tools to make posting easier. Don’t ignore these tools; they are lifesavers in many situations. For example, if you are a WordPress or Shopify user, simply add the Social Rabbit tool to your drop shipping website. It has scheduling features that will not only help you post in a timely manner, but can also automatically create and publish posts to help you generate traffic and attract followers. Using this feature means you won’t have to spend your time on it after setting up templates. Isn’t that great? Moreover, with the Social Rabbit tool, you can promote your business not only on Pinterest but also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow the link on the screen to learn more about this solution. You can also find the link down below, in the description. 

3. Create Your Own Board

Our next tip for how to sell on Pinterest is to create your own boards. Simply making attractive pins isn’t enough. You want people to follow you. Pinterest was created as a kind of online scrapbook, and its users like organization. So, in order to attract followers, create unique content and organize it into boards. 

4. Use Keywords

Another way to attract followers and potential buyers on Pinterest is help them find you. Pinterest is often called a visual search engine, and SEO works for it too! Use any keyword planner to find proper keywords and place them in your pins. If you’re not sure how to integrate these keywords into text only, we’re happy to say that there are a lot of alternative options as well: Title, Description, Hashtags, Text overlay, URL text, and Alt text are also options. The same goes for your profile description and even the names of the boards you create. But don’t overdo it! They say high-traffic pins include between5 and 10 keywords and about 3-5 hashtags – not more! 

5. Engage With Customers 

Here’s another tip for how to sell on Pinterest. Instead of focusing purely on selling, try engaging with your customers. Don’t be pushy. Don’t try to sell in all your messages. Instead, mix commercial and non-commercial content in your boards and interactions. Also, pay attention to Pinterest’s ‘Gift ’tab. It’s an innovative drop-down menu that gives users the opportunity to search for gifts at fixed prices. It’s very simple to join this list: just add a price tag to the product description, and you’ll be added to the list automatically.

6. Make Pinterest-friendly Content 

 As you know, Pinterest is a visual platform. This means that above all else, you need to be sure that your pins look appealing and inspire your potential customers to click. You can achieve this by using high-quality photography and beautifully designed graphics. Use image sizes that are familiar to Pinterest users. Play with fonts and colors to draw attention to particular parts of your pins. And finally, use graphics that match your branding. These are the minimum requirements to make your content look professional. . 

What Pinterest Recommends Itself  

 According to Pinterest’s own research findings ,there are a few pin design tips that work well for any goal: Add your logo to the top- or bottom-center of your pins. This way, pinners can make out your logo clearly and understand this is an actionable pin. When creating pins with products, always place the product at the center of the pin to make it the focal point of the image. And finally, add some context to your pins. If you want to sell on Pinterest, don’t simply show products. Instead, showcase how customers can use them and how they work. Sometimes people simply don’t understand how to interact with your pins. That’s why it’s important to include a call to action and make it noticeable. This can increase your sales up to 6%. Include pricing and product information in the descriptions of your pins. This can boost your sales by 28%. If you use the same visual style for your landing page and your pins, expect your sales to rise by up to 13%. 

final Tip . Text is also Important

Here’s our final tip for how to sell on Pinterest. Although this social network is heavily focused on visual content, that doesn’t mean text is not important. Quite the contrary. Attractive visuals may draw attention, but it is the text that motivates users to buy your goods. So, make sure your texts are efficient. Pinterest shows only the first 75-100 characters of the description unless users click on the text to see more. Therefore, you should place the most important information at the beginning. Use keywords, but don’t rely on them. Creating user-friendly texts is more efficient than simply putting your keywords in the description. A description is what will drive users to buy your products. Even if you’re selling really cool stuff, users may need a push. Use your descriptions to tell customers about free shipping or discounts to encourage them to buy. As I said, Pinterest is great for promoting visually attractive goods such as apparel, accessories, home dec or products, etc. Therefore, you’ll do best with popular goods and high-quality product images. 

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