How to use photos to get more sales | Tips/Advice for E-Commerce website photos

  Hi guys! once again Welcome to my web. In this article I will give you some tips about how to optimize the photos on your e-commerce website in order to get more sales. More specifically today I will talk about three things. First I will talk about the hero image on your website, then I will talk about product photos and finally I will also give you some advice about how to get your customers to create photos for you. So yeah, let’s get started! without wasting anytime.

How to use photos to get more sales | Tips/Advice for E-Commerce website photos

Hero Images 

 The first thing that I am going to talk about today is hero images. So, what is a hero image? A hero image is an oversized banner that is located at the top of a webpage. And the hero image is normally the fist thing that the visitors of the website see. Therefore the hero image is extremely important for marketers. And here is an example of a hero image. Hero images have three components. First there is the actual image, or the photo in the background. Then there is text and there is a button. Now let me say a few words about the photos that we like to use for hero images.

 So the first thing that you need to remember is that you should use a photo where all the design elements are pointing towards the button. Because the button is the key thing here and this is what is going to drive sales. Like here you see these two people on this photo, and they are both in the center of the photo and they are both kind of looking down a little bit, so they are drawing the attention of the website visitor towards the button. I have seen hero images on some websites where there would be one person here on the photo, one person there, and then the button is in the middle. So when website visitors see that photo, first their attention is divided between the two people on each side of the photo and then the website visitor will probably not even notice the button in the middle. 

So yeah, make sure all the design elements of the photo point towards the button. And in regards to the text on the hero image, normally there is a header an a sub-header. The header needs to be very short and clear. And it needs to explain to the visitors of your website what your brand is about in one clear sentence. In the sub-header you can have a few sentences, but it is very important to include a call to action in the sub-header. And you can be a little bit creative with the call to action. Especially for the call to action on the sub-header here on the hero image. Think about what do you want the website visitors to do. So if there is one thing that you would want everyone who visits your website to do, what would that thing be and include that in the sub-header here. And then of-course below the sub-header there is a button.

There is not much of a philosophy behind the button. So normally it is placed in the center but you could place it on either side, it doesn’t have to be in the center. So that is my advice about hero images. As I said they are super important for marketers. As with everything in marketing you should test and learn when it comes to hero images too. So test different variations of the image and see which one works best for your brand. Another thing that I want to mention about hero images is that there is two different types of hero images. So first there is the static hero image, kind of like what we have here. Another option is to do a carousel, where several different versions of the hero image rotate. For e-commerce websites static hero images perform better than carousels. So try to stay away from carousels because they dilute the marketing message on e-commerce websites.

Product Photos

In this section of the article I will talk to you about product photos. And the product photos are normally placed on the product pages and they are very important photos because all your conversions on your e-commerce website come from your product pages. There is three types of product photos and you should use a combination of all three types to present your products in the best possible way on your product pages. to present your products in the best possible way on your product pages because every type of photo has its own purpose and it has a different meaning for your potential customers. So the three types are: studio photos, lifestyle photos and detail photos. 

The first type of product photos is the studio product photo. And here is an example of that. So basically in a studio product photo you just have your product in the middle of the picture and then there is a white backdrop behind the product. The product is just isolated in the middle of the photo. The main purpose of the studio photos is to provide a clear picture of your product to your customers. And this is the most important type of product photos for your e-commerce website. Make sure that you have a studio photo of every product that you try to sell on your website. 

The second type of product photos is the lifestyle photos. And that is basically photos of your product in real life. Normally there is people in the lifestyle photos and they are shot at locations and not in a studio. The main purpose of the lifestyle photos is to provide a little bit more context about your product to your potential customers so that they can see how the product can be used in real life. And also another important purpose of the lifestyle photos is to help customers understand the scale of your product, so how big the product is. So yeah, lifestyle photos are definitely a great addition to any product page. And they really help customers connect with your product a little bit better because they can see the product in real life. 

The third type of product photos is the detailed shots, or the close-ups. And here is an example of that. So in the detailed shots you highlight one specific feature of your product and they are normally done in more artistic ways, so they are meant to be really attractive and to evoke emotions in the potential customers. The main purpose of the detailed shots is to show the craft and the details of your product, and to kind of show the quality of the product and how well made it is. Also you can use detailed shots to highlight certain features of the product that you think might be important. Those are the three types of product photos, every product type is important in a different way so try to take different types of photos for every product. But if you are not able to do that at least select the most important products on your e-commerce website and do a variety of product shots for those important products. So try to focus on important products if you don’t have the resources to take a variety of pictures for every product on your e-commerce website. 

Photos From Customers

In this section of the article I will talk about a very interesting topic. And that is the topic of how to get your customers to take product photos for you. Photos taken by customers are very authentic therefore they are a very powerful tool for e-commerce sales. But, how do you get your customers to take photos of your product and send those photos to you? The best channel for doing this is Instagram, because Instagram is know as the platform where people share photos. So if you have an Instagram profile, you should definitely utilize it to ask customers to take pictures of your products. But if you don’t have an Instagram profile you can use any social media network to ask your customers to take photos. And there is a few things that you should remember when asking your customers to take photos of your products. 

The first thing is to create a discussion around this activity and make it fun for people to participate. For example if you sell sunglasses you could ask your followers to take a picture of the most fun location where they wore their sunglasses this summer. So that could be a fun activity that people would want to participate in. 

The second thing that you should remember is to be very clear with your ask towards your audience. So say “Please take a photo” or “Please take a video” be really clear so that people know what is expected of them. And the third thing that you should remember is that you should provide some kind of incentive for people to do this. For example you could send a $50 Amazon gift card to the person who submits the best picture for this campaign. So yeah, try to incentivize people a little bit to get a higher participation rate. And the last thing that I want to mention about this topic today is to always re-share photos of your product that your customers have published on Instagram. This incentivizes other people to take photos of your product too and makes your customers feel good for sharing photos of your product online. 

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