21 work-from-home ideas for Teenagers , students , Moms in 2021

Currently, a lot of people are looking for new ways to bring in income or opportunities . In this article, I’ll share with you 21 work-from-home ideas to give you a helping hand. Let’s go!

21 work-from-home ideas for Teenagers , students , Moms in 2021

 Part-time work-from-home ideas

I’ll start with part-time jobs you can find online. These jobs will suit those who are simply looking for extra income during this time. 

1. Transcriptionist 

A transcriptionist is one easy example. A transcriptionist’s job is to convert audio or video text into written form. After you get a file, you listen to it and type it down. To find a job like this, check out websites such as Go Transcript and Rev. 

2. Translator

If you know at least one foreign language, you can make money by translating content. Having a diploma is an advantage, but you can find translation jobs with just language requirements by looking for freelance opportunities. 

3. Customer Service Representative

Many companies also don’t want to hire full-time customer service representatives, especially during this time, so they may look for more part-time employees instead. As long as you have a computer and inter net connection (and some customer service experience), you can work for a couple of hours each day with customers to resolve their issues, all while making some added income. 

4. Virtual Book Keepers

Bookkeepers are also essential to any businesses. But many small companies often can’t afford full-time professionals, so this is where part-time work comes in. This is also why you’ll see that book keepers often work only part-time. 

5. Remote Sales

With more and more people buying stuff online, sales managers positions have also gone fully remote. If you have management experience for sales or ecommerce and are looking for part-time work in this sphere, try searching on platforms such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter, or even career sections of company websites. 

Work-from-home ideas for Teenagers 

Currently, even teenagers are looking for work-from-home ideas to help their families financially or to support themselves while in school. Here are some positions to consider if you’re young.

6. Micro Tasks

 The easiest way to make money online as a teenager is probably to do micro tasks. On platforms like Fiverr or M Turk, you can find freelance jobs that’ll let you earn a couple of bucks whenever you have free time. These jobs can range from design to writing to social media marketing. Put your skills to the test! 

7. Voice Over

Another work-from-home idea – to work as a voice actor. You may think that this job is for adults, but sometimes companies want voice covers made by children and teens to fit certain characters. So, if you have a pleasant voice and good articulation, try looking for this kind of work on freelance platforms. It could be fun and possibly open doors to other entertainment- or media-related work. 

8. Sell Unwanted stuff

As a teenager, you can sell stuff online — just like a garage sale, except you can sell unwanted stuff on sites like eBay and Offer Up. You can also try selling on apps like Mercari or Postmark or Let Go. 

9. Sell Custom Designs

Got an artistic mind and good hands? You can also try your hand at custom designs. Believe it or not, some of the drawings you can see on T-shirts and mugs were actually made by young, creative minds such as yourself. So, don’t be afraid and visit places such as Cafepress or Etsy to learn more on how to sell your designs! 

10. Sell unwanted Books

After all those years of school, whether you are a teen or young adult, chances are, you probably have dozens of books stored up some where that you don’t need anymore. So, why not sell them to other people? Platforms such as Book Scouter are great resources to sell your books for some profit. 

Those looking for work-from-home ideas that can become more long-term can also consider starting their own business.

 11. Drop shipping

It is an easy way to open an online store. Unlike traditional ecommerce models, drop shipping doesn’t require the owner to buy inventory in advance or rent a warehouse. Monetary investment is also usually less than that or traditional ecommerce and you don’t need to be super skilled to get into it. 

Work-from-home ideas for students 

If you’re a student in college but also want to make money online, here are a few specific jobs you can take in addition to the ones mentioned for teens. 

12. Resume Writer

Not all people are good at writing resumes and CVs, and there’s a huge demand for those who do. Many people pay professionals (including students)to do this job. You can also create LinkedIn profiles for such clients. 

13. Copywriter

If you’re good with words and crafting text that tells a story, you can consider being a copywriter and make money by writing copy for websites. Lots of start-ups and small companies go online, and need talent for writing copy. There are usually paid internships or part-time positions fit for students to gain experience while making money.. You can also visit any freelancer website to search for openings. 

14. PPC Marketing

With online competition getting more fierce as more people take to shopping online companies are being more aggressive in advertising their products and services. But since there are not enough qualified pay-per-click specialists on the market (and budgets are pretty cut right now), small businesses will likely look for college students for freelance or part-time help. Note it will help greatly if you’ve had previous experience with working in pay-per-click marketing. 

15. Foreign Language Teacher  

If you speak two languages or are at least fluent in English, you can turn to language tutoring as a means of income right now.. With such tools as Skype and Zoom, people can contact native speakers all around the world to help them study a new language. If you want to teach English, go to VipKidor look for similar platforms for language-teaching. 

16. Sell Notes

Not all people study hard. Later they regret it, but that’s when a good student can make some money. Are you a thorough note-taker in class? Sell your notes to others on platforms like Study Soup. This probably requires the least effort from a college student if you’re attentive in class. 

Work-from-home ideas for Moms 

Women on maternity leave can also look for opportunities to make money online, even if it’s just a part-time job. Here are several options to consider.

17. Proof Reading

 Even people who professionally write for a living can miss spelling errors and mistakes. This is where a set of fresh eyes can come in. Proofreading is a great way to make some cash on the side in your downtime. 

18. Graphic Design

If you’re good at graphic design, you can easily find small tasks from companies and individual business owners. All you need is a good eye, vision, and computer with photo-editing software. Graphic design is great for freelance or contract work. 

19. Social Media Specialist 

All businesses promote products and services on social media. But small companies often can’t afford a professional social media specialist or they don’t really need a full-time employee. Managing a social media account can take an hour or two each day, but if you have past marketing experience, consider taking up the work for a small company or up-and-coming brand. 

20. Online Surveys

Another easy way to make extra money online is to take online surveys. How great is it to be paid for giving your opinion? Many brands pay potential customers for their opinion and thoughts to help them better their products or services. Want to sound off on something? Try looking for paid surveys on sites such as Swag bucks or Prize Rebel.  

21. Data Entry

Lastly, on many freelance platforms, one can find jobs related to transcribing data from one format to another. If you have experience as an office assistant or data specialist, this can be a great part-time job for you. So there you have it. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or college students, these 20 work-from-home ideas are sure to give you some side-income ideas during this turbulent time. 

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