10 rules or advices to monetize any hobby, skill, or passion | 10 tips to monetize any skill , hobby

    I think what 2020 has showed us is that there is no such thing as job security. And the best way to advance in terms of finance and grow this way, is to become as in control as possible in the financial sphere of your life. Understanding finances ,learning how to make money. And so today, in this article , I’m gonna be sharing ways of how you can monetize your hobby for profit, no matter how strange the hobby might be. welcome to my official webpage, a place for all things finance and freedom.  .. For your entertainment and easy digest ability, this article  is broken down into three sections. Number one, how I did it. Number two, if you have no idea what hobby you could monetize, this is gonna be a section for you. Number three, it is basically a guideline of how you can do this for yourself. A little summary, a little recap. 

10 rules or advices to  monetize any hobby, skill, or passion | 10 tips to monetize any skill , hobby

1. how I did it

I’m not sure if you’ve ever come across this idea, maybe from an online guru somewhere, but they always say anything can be monetized. And for so long, I heard that and I was like, ah, erm, ah. They sound so convincing. Is that real? Are you sure about that? But I didn’t have any proof. So definitely, I was skeptical. But, something happened in my life that became an accidental experiment in exactly this area of life. Which was, figuring out how to monetize a very strange hobby. If I can monetize what I have monetized. And made really, really good progress with this financially, with this hobby, anything is possible. Honestly. I’m gonna give you a hint. It’s selfies .if  you don’t know who I am, I now own five houses. And I can say that it’s because of selfies. Keep reading  to find out. But in order for me to share what on earth, how, I have to do a backstory. 25.

2. The four questions

Any hobby can be monetized. But what about if you have absolutely no idea what hobby you could monetize? Got some questions for you, to get you thinking. Number one, do you have a skill, hobby or passion that you think it’s possible to monetize? Number two, have you ever earned any money at all from a skill or passion you have? It could be you working for someone or you making money for yourself. Number three, if you turned your existing skill, hobby or passion into a business ,what would that look like? Number four, are there people on the planet right now already making money from your existing passion ,hobby or skillset that you have? 

Now this is an important question because it proves that there is a potential to make money in this field. Now you want to find a really good balance. You don’t really want to go into a niche that is super saturated, unless you have a really, really unique twist on it. However, if there’s no one at all, that is making money from what you are interested in, maybe it’s not desired or you’ve just landed on the golden egg. And no one else in the history of the internet has ever worked out that this is something that people want. Chances of that are probably pretty slim, but maybe, maybe. All right. Come on in, come on in. I have a little secret for you. If you are able to answer any of those questions at all, with like a hint of a yes or a maybe, that could be the cue that you are onto something and that this could work for you as well. Take it and run with it. Explore the possibilities. You’re welcome. All right. Final section. 

To summarize how you could do this for yourself, once you figure out your hobby. Let’s go through a little checklist and help you on your merry way. Okay, so recapping from the very top. Now that you have a hint of an idea of what it could be for you, that you could monetize. If you haven’t, Do that exercise. Come back to me later. Come back, come back. I promise it’ll be worth it. The main thing you have to remember whenever you answer those qestions about yes, I could monetize it. It’s not coming from the place of, I can’t wait to make as much money as possible. This is gonna be awesome .I’m gonna be so rich.

Rule one: What value are you providing?

 The number one thing when it comes to business is value. You are not in business if you are not providing value, if you cannot provide immense value to someone in a myriad of ways. It could be customer service. It could be through adding extra information. It could be adding a new twist on how to teach people something. It could be more beautiful, more engaging, more relevant. So many different things that are adding value to someone. If in some way, your product is able to make someone’s life easier, make it faster, make it more enjoyable, people are willing to part with their money. So always come from the standpoint of what value are you providing for these people? 

When it came to the advanced selfie, you might not think that there was much value, but honey, in a world full of perfectly polished Instagram models. Can you imagine how crippling it is to turn on your phone and try to take a photo and have no idea how to look good? And your confidence just goes down and down and down because you think it’s your fault. Except you just didn’t know how to pose your face or pose your body. Can you imagine being a brand new business person, you maybe, and you need to look good online. You need to have great professional photos of you. But guess what? You don’t have cash right now to do that. But what you do have is a (phone bangs) phone. And then you can take great photos of yourself. Get great headshots and make yourself look more professional. Get the clients in. How important is the advanced selfie concept? Massive value provided for people. 

Rule two: Get better at your skill or passion

Step two, get better at your skill. As I mentioned, I didn’t even think that this was a thing. When I figured out that the advanced selfie was a product, I genuinely wasn’t very good at. They’re pretty average when I started, but I enjoyed it so much. And that’s the beautiful thing about a hobby. You want to get better at it anyway. So you might as well just continue the process of getting better at it whilst teaching people along the way like ,hey, this is what I did. Hey, this is what I figured out. This is so much fun. Look what I can do. Look how I’m utilizing this. Look how much benefit this hobby has for my life. Maybe it can do the same for you as well.

Rule three: Give free information as proof of value

 Give out free information. A lot of people are so afraid to give out any information because they think, well, if I give away free information, then no one will buy it from me. I have so many videos on the advanced selfie, on my channels, on my other channel. So many. And I honestly thought there’s no possible way that people would want to buy it. But I provided all the value, extra value that wasn’t available in my channel. Much more immersive. A beautiful community was available there for a while as well, when the advanced selfie was my main focus. 

I provided a lot of value. I was there interacting with people. I grew the value of what I could provide. Plus the product wasn’t that expensive, to be honest. I priced it at a point, for me, with where it felt comfortable. I know people can get this information elsewhere if they really look. But they don’t have Sorelle. They don’t have the support of Sorelle. They don’t have the community. They don’t have all of the information packaged so beautifully in one spot and I have their back and I really support them on this journey. The support is so important. But I didn’t price it overboard because, after all, it is still a selfie. 

Rule four: Get better at marketing and sales

Get better at marketing and sales. The amount of people that have an amazing skill in the world that are so petrified of selling or marketing themselves, it actually annoys me. I’m gonna say it. It annoys me because the amount of friends that I have that I’m like, wow, you are so talented in so many ways. And I don’t know why, for some reason, I’m just like full steam ahead. I just don’t shy away. I am nervous behind the scenes like, now, what are people gonna think of me? You know, I’m not the best in the world, but can I do this information? But I override it. I’m like, there’s no time to think. Do it. And then see what happens. 

Because what’s the worst that’s gonna happen? You don’t sell anything. You learned some skills. All right. Revamp, figure out a different solution, figure out a different strategy, a different leeway, learnt some extra skills. Try again. When you’re learning to walk, you don’t just fall over and be like, oh, dammit. I tried it once. Oh. No, babies are like, up,up, up, fall down, up, up. They just keep going. No matter how many times they fall. You got to give yourself permission, obviously, to fail. But if you are not marketing yourself or your product and you’re not selling ,this is a fun little hobby. And I have been there. My first business was Pin Up Passion. It was an online beauty, glamorous, 1950s, online website. I called it a business for so long, but I was so afraid to sell that I hardly made any money. Actually, I lost a lot because this is where I tried to do the physical product and I failed miserably. 

This was a huge lesson. It’s fun to have a hobby for a while and you know, testing the ground. But at some point you gotta take that leap and it is embarrassing. The amount of times that people are gonna be like, what is burak doing? he’s being really awkward or really, what’s actually happening, is it’s in your mind. Not in your cheek. In your mind. You think that people are thinking about you like, oh my God, I can’t believe he’s doing it. Really, what they’re thinking is, God damn. I wish I was that brave. I wish I could do what she’s doing. It is painful to watch, someone brand new, but they’re doing it.

 And I know that if I started at being in that position as well, but I’m too afraid. But she’s doing it. Ooh, that’s awesome. Damn. I wish. And sometimes you have to get the criticism of like, oh nah, nah, you shouldn’t be doing that because it’s jealousy. You feel when it’s the right people coming to you and saying like, I think you should maybe approach this from a different situation. But then there’s a lot of people that hurt you because they want to intentionally hurt you, to pull you down, because they are so jealous of you. So you’ve gotta make sure that you distinguish these voices and keep going if your dream is to be independent, financially. There ain’t no time to be shy. These people, they’re not your friends anyway. And if they are, you need new friends.

Rule five: Infuse your personality

No one wants to watch a stale cardboard trying to sell them on something. You want to be someone’s friend. You want to feel like they are your friend. And we are now seeing the rise of the self-education industry. We are not looking to learn from someone that has studied something from a textbook. We want to learn from someone that has done the hard yards and we can see the proof in the pudding that they have gone from A to B. This is who we want to learn from. You’re not coming to me because I have learned information about finances from a textbook. No, I have done it. I have been there. I have failed so many times, I have done it.

Rule six: Find a monetization strategy that works for you

 Now, I can pretend that I have all the answers on all the different ways of making money in the world. I don’t. I know what’s worked for me and it’s fulfilled so many of my needs to be in this industry. I love being in front of the camera. I love photography. I love interacting with big communities. Social media is so fascinating to me. From the very beginning, I was always fascinated with this world. I love marketing. I love sales. I love teaching ,making things relatable. So this world that I am in, is perfect for me.

 And if this is interesting, this world that I live in, is interesting for you, you’re gonna come and learn from me. But, also know there are different ways. I can’t tell you that information because I’ve never done it. I only specialize in this lane and this is what I want to specialize in because it’s my jam. But, don’t fret if this is not your thing. If you don’t want to bein front of the camera, there are different ways. Research it. Say you love tinkering and you love making jewelry. Find people that are selling stuff, jewelry, online. How can you make it unique? How can you make it stand out in some way? The principles of marketing always stand the same way. 

Rule seven: Make an exceptional product

Give immense value, make an exceptional product. Don’t just saturate the market with something that’s sub-par because that is not a recipe for success. 

Rule eight: Nurture your community

 build up a community. People want to feel like they belong. This is just a core of human nature. Essentially, all that marketing is, is just taking someone in and saying, you’re part of this tribe. I’ve got you. 

Rule nine: Market, sell, test, refine, repeat

And you have to do that through mastering sales and marketing. Because you cannot keep giving away your gift and your beautiful time in exchange for nothing. It has to be an equal and energetic exchange. If you just keep giving free, free, free without ever selling your product, one, it doesn’t land in people’s hands. And if it’s gonna change someone’s life, you need them to have it. Number two, at some point, if you just keep  free information, you’re gonna burn out, which was what happened tome in my first business.

Rule ten: Just START

You have got this. I’m rooting for you all the best. I can guarantee you, you’re gonna work it out. But you will never work it out if you try to overanalyze everything and figure it out in your head. The only way you’re gonna succeed is by doing, learning from your mistakes. Mistakes means you’re progressing. Thank you so much for reading . I hope you enjoyed this article . If you did, please make sure you comment and  share. 

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