1000+ Words Speech on Environment for Students and Children

 Hello to my teachers and friends. Gathering in memory of this moment, I would like to speak out to raise awareness about negative changes in the environment. The natural environment that saves us and saves us from natural disasters is at hand. 

However, our health, the natural environment is deteriorating day by day, eating monsters that affect everything from non-living animals to living things. What we know is two types of environment: the natural environment and the creative environment. The natural environment has always existed and people are responsible for it. There are a lot of natural and unnatural things that make up the whole universe.

“The environment is where we all meet. We are all united. It’s the same thing we all share. “Lady Bird Johnson said. I am happy to speak about this important day in our lives. 

The environment is the foundation of all life. The natural environment around us where we breathe, sleep, eat and work is necessary for all life on earth. We are all here to provide food, shelter, water, oxygen and more. However, over the years the balance of events and living things has been affected, and human life has played an important role in the degradation of the environment. It affected all life on earth.

The country gave us special gifts: rivers, biodiversity, mountains, flora and fauna. He never surprised us. Sadly, there isn’t a single place people live in this beautiful country. Some of the current environmental problems include pollution, global warming, groundwater, sea level rise, overexploitation of natural resources, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, species extinction, climate imbalances , the melting polar ice caps and the ozone layer. weak and so on.

Various Issues of Environment 

There are many problems associated with human activities in the environment. Some of them include pollution, overcrowding, waste disposal, climate change, climate change, and greenhouses. The main cause of the threat to our environment is air pollution.

The uncontrolled use of vehicles increased its efficiency, resulting in the release of pollutants such as carbon monoxide. Electrical devices such as air conditioners and refrigerators also pollute the air by releasing unhealthy products. The various effects of these gases cause global warming as well as the air. Deforestation is another important reason. The population is growing rapidly, so forests and trees must be felled to meet daily consumption. It can be for the family or for gasoline, but we are wreaking havoc on the environment.

Another important factor is the depletion of natural resources such as water, oil and food. Meanwhile, overuse of human resources and insufficient waste has resulted in high waste and high risk. This waste is another threat to the environment.

 Another problem is meeting the needs of the crowd. We are dumping our resources in unexpected ways. We are on the verge of depleting more natural resources, such as natural fuels and clay. The next problem is caused by large objects, lack of control over human waste and solid waste. We are in a place where garbage is kept clean, in the streets, in tourist areas and even in places of worship. Deforestation, global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer are some of the other major problems in our environment. 

Solutions for our Environment’s Problem 

All of the above activities, people have reached the level of no success in the world. Therefore, it is our responsibility and our responsibility to reduce the loss. Anyone can play an important role in this solution. For example, we have to promise “no” to plastics. Instead, you can use environmentally friendly materials such as paper or fabric bags. 

Governments of all nations must enforce strict anti-dumping laws that regulate the management of solid waste. Information should be provided to encourage the public to use public transport at all times. In addition, everyone should be planting trees. Reducing the use of private vehicles reduces carbon emissions and also saves fuel resources.

But is posing the problem enough? no. We have to find more  solution because this is the root of all problems. First and foremost, the solution is with the government. There must be strict laws and regulations for businesses and people to protect the environment. And we have to be strict with anyone who doesn’t follow the law.

 The penalties are significant and even the revocation of a license is required. The second and most important solution is to educate people about the environment and protect it before it is too late. Finally, we can all do our part by reducing pollution and eliminating as much as possible. We therefore reuse, reduce and recycle. Sustainable growth should be our goal and that of our leaders. 

Few Lines on Environment 

  • A clean environment is essential for all living things.
  • Certain laws aimed at reducing environmental pollution should encourage community members.
  • The government should create policies that reduce activities that affect the environment.
  • Some restrictions on the use of plastics need to be tightened. In such a situation, we can save the environment.
  • One of the risks to our environment is automobile poisoning.
  • One of the best ways to keep the environment clean is to use recycled materials. We all know that the blue earth is often referred to as the Earth. Then it was the same thing that kept him alive.
  •  We must avoid using natural resources such as oil, natural gas and coal. Instead of using resources that are running out, we can use renewable resources such as wind, biomass and solar.

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