1000+ Words Speech on Child Labor for Students and Children

 Hello to our President, Professors, Madam and colleagues. My name is … I was in class … We came to celebrate this special day … I am here to talk about child labor. Child labor is one of the most important problems in the world because it affects children mentally and physically.

 It also destroys the future of children. The Child Labor Act 1986 defines a child as a person under the age of 14. Child labor is the part-time or full-time employment of children in industry. Every child is seen as a gift from God and should be cared for and loved by family and community, but health issues will force children to work in industry, leather shops, hotels, and restaurants. 

Child labor is a major community problem affecting the development of the country. As we all know that children are the future of our country, people use children for odd jobs. Why don’t they see with our eyes and let the children have their childhood? Why are you taking children away from their education? Some entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs include children in their very cheap jobs. They do this by wanting to acquire professional skills at a lower cost.

Working on the kids takes kids away from their cute and memorable kids. It interferes with education because it affects their mental, physical, social and moral well-being. It is also a very dangerous disease and endangers not only the country, but also children. Although there are many strict laws and regulations around the world, these efforts continue in many organizations around the world that prohibit child labor. These social problems have been present in humans since ancient times and have had a major impact on their development.

Children are often involved in activities related to children in areas such as agriculture, manufacturing, housekeeping, mining, manufacturing and other services. Some of them work nights or part-time because they have to work harder and earn more money to improve their family’s finances. He works up to 12 hours a day and earns little. The most important and crucial aspects of child labor are that families have low incomes, do not have adequate schools for poor children, and that parents are illiterate.

Poverty and Debts 

Poverty is a major problem in developed countries, and children are seen as a source of support for families. If they didn’t work, they would starve. Due to poverty, illiterate and unemployed parents cannot send their children to school. Pray that poor parents send their children to work for less money. Therefore, we will first try to eradicate poverty in society. 

The Indian economic crisis forced them to borrow money. The illiterate person tries to pay off the debt on an emergency loan, but then it is difficult to pay off the debt, he also takes out the debt to encourage children to pay off the debt. Some industries require the use of little hands and little fingers, such as the bracelet industry. Therefore, we urge our children to do dangerous things with glass.

Causes of Child Labor

Talking about child labor is incomplete without stating the main reasons for child labor. Now I will turn to the causes of working as a child.

Cheap Labor 

In large cities and towns, these reasons can be eliminated, but this does not include urban areas due to the nature of child labor. Child labor is an affordable option. They may have to work long hours for less pay. The owners sometimes give them food and money for their long service. Due to the lack of family care, these children succumb to abuse.


Poverty affects a significant portion of the Indian population. Life is more problematic in rural areas. Child labor is driven by a poor economy and low standard of living. Both boys and girls need to work beyond their ability to eat a simple diet and be healthy. It is safe to say that you have no choice.

No Education

In rural areas, education is low, hence the primary education of parents. As a result, they underestimate the impact of school and education on the lives of their children. Couples have more children because they don’t have a birth certificate. It’s hard to plan three meals a day, and kids find it all the time.

Children Trafficking

Another source of forced labor is child labor. Victims of child abuse do not have a home. They were sent to an unknown location. Eventually, these unfortunate people find themselves in serious and dangerous jobs such as gambling, housekeeping and drug transport. 

Gender Inequality 

At a young age, girls are often excluded from going to school. Designed to support both performance and functionality. For boys, the story is no different. They left school and turned to farming in their workplace, helping their father earn a living.

Challenges faced  to Control  Child Labor

As today’s theme is child labor, we must also consider the challenges of dealing with this threat. So, in my comments on child labor, let me take it a step further and look at the challenges of child care.

Imprecise Laws

Laws are in place to prevent the dangers of child labor, but there are some uncertainties. For example, most regulators do not adhere to strict rules for non-participating companies. It is not enough for children to prevent dangerous things. In addition, special instructions should be drawn up indicating where children should work and, if necessary, for how long they should work.

Lack of Recovery Plans

Another problem facing policymakers is that children saved by the devil include working babies without access to rehabilitation services. The question of how these children will be able to lead a new life remains unanswered. Proper nutrition and health care play an important role in their success.

Insufficient knowledge

Rural and urban areas need to develop additional data. The dangers of working with children for children’s brains should be made aware of adults, including parents. Strengths and programs that promise free education for children should be included. In particular, it is important to focus on how education supports children and improves their lives.
Working for children does not mean that children have to work. It has many side effects and dangers. He puts a shadow on a child’s heart. It affects your mental and emotional well-being as well as your ability to learn and improve naturally. They are stains on human skin and should be removed immediately and effectively.
After all, what do we want them to do when treated this way? We have to think about it. Children are an integral part of our lives and of our country. Real growth and prosperity cannot be imagined until the youth are stable and balanced in all respects.

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