1000+ Words Essay on My School for Students and Children

 The school’s life is the best time in our life when we make new friends, studying new things and making our career. The school time is only once when we visit the college, we will always remember our school. Many news about life in our school and launches us to meet all life’s obstacles. I’m my life and happy. I have a lot of friends and all my teachers are like me.  I love my school and every day enjoy meeting and finding new things to find new things. 

Everyone will say that school life is the best time in your life. Listen to their elders, students think about students that it is good about it. What do we do for the last day to visit the class and do the homework. But when the school’s life students know that life in school is the best time in his life.  Besides learning great things at school, you do hundreds and blurer for the rest of your life. Students also study knowledge of many life skills. ET and understand what they want to be in their life. 

My School’s Surroundings 

The school I attended was a quiet, pollution-free place. There are two stairs at each end to reach each floor. Colleges were well established: well-equipped labs, large libraries, and grassroots computer start-ups. Throughout the conference and the annual work, the classroom teachers were on the lower floor.

On the ground floor of our campus there is a head office, principal’s office, faculty office, staff office, others and regular classes. In addition, in the first basement there is a shop, a school cafeteria, an ice rink and a chess room.

Our school has two large courtyards adjacent to the principal’s office and a football pitch next to it. There is a small green garden opposite the office. It is full of brightly colored flowers and beautiful plants, in addition to the beauty of the whole school. There were around 1600 students in my school when I was working. Every scientist excels in school competitions.

Why do I like my school? 

Our school offers a unique blend of modern science and vintage architecture. The period building on our campus fascinates me with its magnificent beauty.

But that doesn’t mean vintage architecture is outdated. Because it is compatible with all modern devices. I see our school as a beacon of learning that reflects knowledge and ethics. Unlike other schools, our school is not focused on academic excellence. In other words, it is about the overall improvement of the students.

In addition to academics, extracurricular activities are offered on our campus. This is one of the main reasons I love our school. Because we do not measure everyone on the same scale. Our dedicated staff builds every child’s confidence by taking the time to grow up on their own. Our campus has all the facilities including library, computer lab, playing field, basketball court and everything at your disposal 

Teacher’s and Friends in my School

Our teachers at school can use any notices. Teachers are passionate about what they teach and also give to our students. Even students who hate certain subjects will start to like them during class. Then we have happy teachers who are happy and enthusiastic about everyone around us. They are friendly, caring and helpful to all students when needed. Strict teachers must be strict and ensure that discipline and behavior are maintained throughout the school. 

They are the ones who go through the transgressors and the students are weak.  Together, our teachers develop the courage and spirit of the national team. Most schools do not have scientists. No matter how good a teacher is, no matter what style of teacher or administration, he can be completely thrown out without smart students writing modern lessons. . We have a lot of strong students in our school, but the strength of scientists is not limited to math.

The students of our school facilitate the work of a teacher. They are able to take good care of the school, take good care of it and complete tasks on time. The behavior of the students in our school is different. Scientists respect everyone and their leaders. In addition, they hold the highest ethical standards inside and outside the classroom.

What did I learned in school ?

If someone asked me what I learned in school, I couldn’t answer in one sentence. This lesson is irreplaceable and I cannot thank him enough. I learned to teach through school. The power of sharing and understanding is learned in school. I learned to take care of animals and this is the number one reason I have a pet.

School is a place where I improve my art, which is further supported by my teachers. Later, I attended graduation school and received many awards. Most importantly, my school taught me to deal with failure and not give up on my goals no matter what.

In short, learning in a prestigious school has helped me a lot. I am always grateful to the school for doing me good and teaching me the important words. She gave me a lifelong friend and a teacher whom I will always respect. I want to live up to the values ​​that our school has abandoned, to make life better and more fulfilling.

My School’s Environment

Assimilation can be difficult when learning takes place in a toxic environment. In other cases, the terrain is not toxic, but there is not enough interest for the average student. Students want to be greeted by beautiful colors and be inspired by all models in the school or to feel comfortable in a seated position.

Our school embodies the above qualities and comes down to the smallest detail. In order to inspire the students, the classrooms are decorated in bright colors. In addition, the playground is designed to provide relaxation for all students after engaging in mentally demanding physical activity. Thus, the conception of national teams unconsciously welcomes each student.

Just a keepsake – A Home Away From Home: For me, it’s a home away from home. Even the little problems with college have become a part of my life. Every class I attended left an indelible mark on my memory. Dance in the children’s park, group meetings, physical education classes, lunch talks, artistic competitions, athletics, fights between friends, watering, school days, special classes, materials, laboratories and tests of all their markers. In my heart.

The most important thing in my school memory concerns teachers. They are the embodiments of God. They set up our lives with a vivid light of information and help absorb measures of value. The involvement of teachers who have played an important role in improving the lives of students cannot be ignored. At first, the pupil tries to become a teacher and gradually becomes a model teacher. Teachers play an important role in guiding academics in the right direction. The morality adopted by the school can last forever.

The way that teachers train and love scientists is by teaching the mind. We will share our frustrations and frustrations with our educators. Most teachers seem to be best friends. We would like to celebrate Pastor Day in glory every year. Our well-trained teachers always put on a beautiful show and captivating academics with real vision. Their blessing can have a profound impact on everyone’s life.

You will go back to school after high school and take care of the stars. Our teachers are very busy visiting us and want to know how to understand our achievement. Other than that, the other best thing about school is our friends. This is where everyone starts to get along. Step into another area of ​​college life.As you age, the influence of your peers plays an important role in changing your behavior. So the people you know in college become families. Spending time with friends is irreplaceable.

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