Star Wars: New Obi-Wan and Anakin Book Makes Major Knights of the Old Republic Connections

Star Wars: Brotherhood, a new book about Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi prior to Revenge of the Sith, has a number of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Easter eggs. Of course, when Disney took ownership of the Star Wars IP, it wiped out a huge chunk of the Star Wars canon. One of … Read more

Kyiv rules out ceasefire as Russia steps up offensive in Ukraine’s east

Breadcrumb Trail Links PMN Business Author of the article: Article content KYIV — Ukraine ruled out a ceasefire or concessions to Moscow while Russia intensified an offensive in the eastern Donbas region and stopped sending gas to Finland in its latest salvo in response to Western sanctions and its deepening international isolation. Polish President Andrzej … Read more

‘Halo’ co-creator “confused” by story changes in the Paramount show

Co-creator of the original Halo, Marcus Lehto, has commented on the story decisions made in Paramount’s recent TV show.  In Twitter conversations earlier this week (May 16 to 17), Lehto talked about how the Halo TV show has been a major departure from the stories and characters of the games. Lehto worked at Halo‘s original franchise developer Bungie from … Read more

Middle-class morality – BusinessWorld Online

PHILIPPINE STAR/ MICHAEL VARCAS A student of Economics asked, “How do you think the election (results) will affect the middle class? They say when the economy declines the middle-class shrinks. Although I’m already assuming the economy will decline.” She had read and reacted to my July 11, 2021 column piece in BusinessWorld, “The Middle Class … Read more

8 hidden gems near Mumbai every traveller must explore

Untouched landscapes, fresh air, birdsongs, shimmery waterfalls, thrilling treks, and pristine water bodies. Sounds perfect, right? These hidden gems near Mumbai offer this and much more. 8 hidden gems near Mumbai every nature lover must explore Sewri Mangrove Park (13km) If you are a birdwatching enthusiast, plan an early morning trip to Sewri Mangrove Park … Read more

Everything Gwyneth Paltrow’s Husband Has Said About Her Controversial Company

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle and wellness company Goop has come under fire multiple times since it was founded by the actress in 2008. The brand — expanded into an e-commerce website, as well as a print magazine, collaborations and Netflix docuseries ‘The Goop Lab’ and ‘Sex, Love & Goop’ — has faced criticism from the scientific … Read more

German kayaker dies in front of his son

German kayaker dies in front of his son German kayaker dies in Tirol A man and his son from the Cologne region walking around in Tirol. Father gets stuck in a water spool and overturns. His 24-year-old son is still trying to save him. flirch.A German kayaker in Tirol drowned in tragic circumstances in front … Read more