Beijing bristles at Joe’s ‘yes’ for US intervention if China invades Taiwan

A surprised and agitated Beijing on Monday denounced President Joe Biden’s assertion that the US would intervene militarily along with Japan if China invaded self-ruled Taiwan, which effectively jeopardises Chinese President Xi Jinping’s plan of national integration. Taiwan’s integration with the Chinese mainland is the major political plank of Xi, … Read more

How to use the new Zoom Whiteboard for hybrid meetings

A new whiteboard product from Zoom differs from the built-in version. Image: insta_photos/Adobe Stock Zoom recently unveiled a new and separate whiteboard with certain improvements over its built-in whiteboard. With the new Zoom Whiteboard product, you can use advanced whiteboarding tools to create and convey business processes and ideas. You can create multi-page whiteboards, lock … Read more

Startup wants to store Earth’s important data on the Moon

Forward-looking: Lonestar Data Holdings isn’t your ordinary cloud storage provider. The startup is quite literally looking beyond the clouds as the future destination for some of the world’s most important data. Lonestar aims to one day offer clients the ability to store precious data on servers situated on the Moon. It sounds like science fiction, … Read more

Having trouble getting work done? The Pomodoro Technique can help | ZDNet

Looking for ways to boost your productivity and reduce procrastination? Consider using the Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that can improve your mental focus while working and your confidence in your ability to perform. The technique alternates effective work sessions with restorative breaks. Learning this technique can change your work-life … Read more

How Humans Perceived Lightning Throughout Time

Imbalances between storm clouds and the ground, or within the clouds themselves, causes lightning, an electrical discharge. There are many types of lighting: ball and bead, forked and sheet, superbolts and rocket lightning, crown flashes and anvil crawlers, staccato lightning, ribbon lightning and others. The wonder of lightning has captivated and intrigued humans throughout history, … Read more