Best business intelligence tools 2022

Image: Aniruth/Adobe Stock Organizations of all sizes are increasingly generating and managing large amounts of data, but making sense of all that information can prove difficult. Business intelligence software assists companies in collecting, presenting and analyzing data in ways that help them better understand the information they collect and make better decisions as a result. … Read more

Safeguard duties sought on imported resins – BusinessWorld Online

THE local petrochemical industry is seeking government protection through safeguard duties on imported resins used for the production of plastic goods. In a statement on Thursday, JG Summit Olefins Corp. (JGSOC) said that along with the local petrochemical industry, they are hoping that the government can protect and support Philippine manufacturers from “unfair foreign competition” … Read more

Scholarships for minorities in STEM

Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision/Getty Images The Education Data Initiative reports that US student debt totaled almost $1.75 trillion in 2021. This debt often impacts underserved racial minority students more. Yet there are ways to make college more affordable — like applying for scholarships. Almost half of Black graduates see their debt significantly increase within four years of … Read more

Aliens Are Far Less Likely To Destroy Us Than An Asteroid, New Paper Says

If they’re out there, they probably know we’re here. getty If intelligent extra-terrestrial civilizations evolve in a way similar to ours, then we should have little fear one might respond to receiving a signal from humans by invading Earth. That’s the argument put forth in a new paper from YouTuber Alberto Caballero. The paper is … Read more

Nine Confirmed Monkeypox Cases In US

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed Thursday that nine people have the monkeypox virus in the U.S. “These cases were suspected by local clinicians. They were identified by local laboratories and triggered local public health action to help with treatment and management of any potential contacts,” said CDC director Rochelle Walensky at a … Read more

Chipmaker Broadcom to buy cloud services firm VMware in $61-bn deal

Broadcom Inc said on Thursday it will acquire cloud computing company VMware Inc in a $61 billion cash-and-stock deal, the chipmaker’s biggest and boldest bid to diversify its business into enterprise software. The acquisition is the second biggest announced globally so far this year, trailing only Microsoft Corp’s $68.7 billion … Read more

The Long-Term Psychological Impact of School Shootings

Research has found that survivors of school shootings need years to heal, and their recovery can cost them education and employment opportunities. The May 24 massacre of 19 fourth-graders and two adults at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, is the latest in an uptick of school shootings since December 2012, when a gunman stormed into … Read more

Dow Jumps 500, to Climb out of Slump

Stocks rose Thursday, as Wall Street rebounded from a long string of weekly declines. The Dow Jones Industrials rocketed 516.91 points, or 1.6%, to 32,637.19. The S&P 500 jumped 79.11 points, or 2%, to 4,057.84. The NASDAQ Composite popped 305.91 points, or 2.7%, to 11,740.65, helped by a surge in Dollar Tree shares. The tech-focused … Read more